Le Normand’s patriotic gesture that has Spain in love

At 27 years old and with a whole football career behind him, Robin Le Normand is one of the players chosen by Luis de la Fuente to be part of the list of players who are representing Spain at Euro 2024. He is one of the key men for the coach and has been a starter in all of Spain’s matches. But his name is more important than his game. has been the subject of controversy over its origins. Both Le Normand and Laporte have been the talk of the town for being French. A fact that has sparked some xenophobic comments on social media, including one of the singer of Taburete, Willy Bárcenas, son of the former treasurer of the PP.«It makes me sick that Spain’s centre-backs are French. Le norrrrrmand, Lapoggggte, don’t fuck with me. Despite everything, go Spain!», the singer wrote.

“I know I wasn’t going to convince everyone, but I’ve always said how I feel. I’m not going to forget my past, where I grew up, where my parents are from, but I’ve been in Spain for nine years, they’ve made me a footballer, they’ve allowed me to achieve my dream and I’ve grown as a person too.”the defender answered in a press conference.

“When a kid arrives at 18 and spends eight years in the Basque Country, where I have been welcomed in a spectacular way, you have to appreciate it. And especially when they call you from the Federation and the coach shows confidence in you, you can understand my decision. With the Spanish national team I am living the dream of any player.”

Long live Spain!

But now, it has surprised with a gesture that has captivated the Spanish fans. While “The Red” prepares for its crucial match against Germany, Robin Le Normand – who will surely be a starter – has surprised everyone with an unknown facet and a nod to the Spanish fans.

A talent that the Spanish National Team has been discovered through his social networks with a video titled “the pianist of the National Team”. In it, the defender can be seen playing very well-known songs. In the cut he admits that “his brother plays and his sister too, so since I’m the older brother I wanted to play.” He admits that he doesn’t play as well as them, but he dares to play some songs.

The first one she played was Tom Odel’s “Another Love.” “I wanted to play it because it’s all over social media and I loved it,” she said, adding that she’s spent quite a few hours learning it and now “I’m pretty good at it.”

However, he admits that he has not yet dared to play in front of his colleagues and He wanted to send a wink to all the Spanish fans by singing “Y Viva España” by Manolo Escobar.

Le Normand’s life did not begin in our country. His father, Phillip, was a coach at Tréglamus, and he himself was born in Pabu, France. However, he has been in Spain for nine years and has decided to defend the Roja shirt.

Next Friday, they will face Germany in the quarter-finals of the European Championship, but before that, He wanted to show everyone his love for Spain. A gesture that has driven social media crazy. “Very Top”, “A genius”, “More Spanish than San Sebastian and El Cid” are some of the comments to a video that has accumulated more than 60,000 views.