The amount of money that Real Madrid has earned in this Champions League and what it can still win

It seemed impossible but Real Madrid achieved a new comeback at the Santiago Bernabéu that takes them directly to the Champions League final where they must overcome the tough Dortmund. With Joselu as the hero, the white team defeated Bayern Munich and will play its sixth final in eleven seasons on June 1 at Wembley. It was a magical night in which the whites achieved their goal. A pass that not only represents a sports prize but also a considerable financial income.

How much money does Real Madrid get for their place in the Champions League final?

The whites pocket the not inconsiderable amount of 15.5 million euros for their place in the Final, but Let's see how much he has already won in the largest European competition.

According to data provided by UEFA at the start of the new season, each of the 32 clubs that have reached the group stage receives 15.64 million euros, divided into an initial payment of 14.8 million euros and a balance of 840,000 euros.

How much does each team earn for winning or drawing a Champions League match in the group stage?

Once the group stage has started, several million euros are at stake in each match. Specifically, each club receives:

2.8 million euros for each victory.

930,000 euros for each tie.

As for each tie around one million euros remains undistributed compared to if a victory had had to be paid, this undistributed amount generates a type of “pot” and is redistributed among all the clubs in the group stage proportionally to their victories.

UEFA Champions League: prizes for passing the phase

Once the group stage is over, the knockout stage begins. And here the prizes begin to be more succulent. Thus, we have:

– Go to the round of 16 (1/8) final: 9.6 million euros per club.

– Go to the quarterfinals (1/4) finals: 10.6 million euros per club.

– Go to the semi-finals: 12.5 million euros per club.

– Go to the final: 15.5 million euros per club.

– Be champion: The team that lifts the UEFA Champions League trophy (or commonly called the European Cup) will receive an additional 4.5 million euros.

That is, as the payments are cumulative, the team that wins the Champions League receives an income close to 80 million just for sporting merits: 15 million for participating, 50 million euros for qualifying and between 12-18 million for victories and draws in the group stage.

The pasture where the whites herd cattle

That is to say, Real Madrid pockets the not inconsiderable amount of 15.5 million euros after passing in extremis against Bayern. An amount that must be added to the 102,992,421 million euros which Ancelotti's team had already bagged before reaching the final. And the more than €65M achieved between full of victories (€16.8M); plus the pass to the round of 16 (€9.8M); plus the pass to the quarterfinals (10.6), the pass to the semis (12.5 million) or the €15.6M for playing the group stage, the club chaired by Florentino Pérez adds another €36.38M for the maximum of the succulent amounts that are distributed by coefficients (the accumulated performance in the last ten years). Real Madrid is the leader of the ranking so it takes the maximum possible.

Figures that make Real Madrid not only a club for epic nights but also a money-making machine.