The data that shows that Russia is experiencing its worst days in the war in Ukraine

More than two years have passed since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The attacks have continued unabated day after day, and both sides have suffered several casualties throughout this time. The data has shown it. The Ukrainian forces are clearer when it comes to providing data, while Moscow tends to hide information. The Zelensky Government also assures that Russia is “in its worst moments” in the war, providing figures on thousands of casualties in the Russian Army.

Russia has reportedly suffered a high rate of casualties over the past five days, Ukrainian sources tell Newsweek, adding that They could be quantified as “more than a thousand soldiers a day in the last few days”. Data from the Ukrainian General Staff reveals that Moscow lost more than 1,120 troops on May 1 alone.

Data very similar to what, according to the Zelensky Government, were the casualties in previous days: 1,250 losses on April 30, 1,906 on April 29 and 1,124 on both April 27 and 28. In the total of the week, almost 8,000 soldiers, being 5,910 in those five days.

In global calculation, according to the Ukrainian General Staff, Russia would have lost (until May 2, 2024) a total of 470,870 soldiers. Ukrainians believe that among the reasons for this increase in casualties would be the intensification of the Russian offensive, especially in the Donetsk oblast.

What is happening in Ukraine? The kyiv authorities assure that “Russia is experiencing its worst days since the beginning of the war”

The United Kingdom Ministry of Defense, for its part, reported in April 2024 that The average number of Russian casualties in March of the same year had reached 913 soldiers per day, 74 soldiers less than in February 2024. “The increase reflects Russia's continued dependence on the masses to maintain pressure on the Ukrainian front lines,” British officials say.

Already on April 27, the Minister of State and Armed Forces of the United Kingdom, Leo Docherty, revealed that Russia would have probably suffered a total of 450,000 casualties since the invasion of Ukraine began in February 2022.

“We estimate that Approximately 450,000 Russian servicemen have been killed or woundedand tens of thousands more have already deserted since the start of the conflict,” Docherty told local media.

In the current framework, the United Kingdom Government reported this Wednesday the expulsion of a Russian defense attaché who acted as an undeclared “military intelligence officer”, along with new sanctions to “attack and dismantle” Russian activities on the islands. and in Europe.

Along with this measure, London has announced that it will withdraw the status of diplomatic premises from several Russian properties in the United Kingdom that could have been used “for Intelligence purposes”; and that it will impose restrictions on Russian diplomatic visas, including a limitation on the time they can spend on the islands.