The AEMET warns that a DANA will deliver torrential rains and very strong storms in these areas of Spain

The week comes with changes in the weather due to the entry of an Atlantic trough and the formation of a DANA. The cold air and instability will reach our country, causing, in addition to new rains and storms, a notable decrease in temperatures in many areas.Where is the most abundant rainfall expected? What days will be the most unstable?

This Monday a new atlantic front will cause an increase in cloudiness, especially in the northwest half, according to the prediction of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), which has announced locally heavy rainfall in some parts of Galicia. Temperatures will increase throughout the territory, with thermometers above 35 degrees.

In Galicia, in the western Cantabrian Sea and part of the northern plateau, cloudy or overcast skies and precipitation are expected, more abundant and occasionally accompanied by storms in Galicia and Asturias. Some storms are also not ruled out in areas of the northwest of Castilla y León and of western Cantabriawhich may be locally persistent in western Galicia and locally strong, and precipitation may extend, in a less probable and intense manner, to the east and south.

On the other hand, intervals of low morning clouds are expected in the Mediterranean area and slope, sin rule out rains during the first half of the day on the southern coast of Catalonia; In addition, evolution clouds will form in the interior of the eastern third, with the possibility of dry storms, more likely in Aragon and Catalonia, which may be accompanied by showers in the Pyrenees and eastern Iberia.

Thermometers will rise in most of the country, except in areas of western Galicia and southeastern coasts, where they will decrease slightly, as well as the minimums in the southeast and in the Balearic Islands. The AEMET has announced that 34 degrees can be reached in the Guadalquivir and half of the Ebro.

For its part, indicates that a high altitude trough It will approach the northwest of the peninsula from the North Atlantic this Monday. At the same time, on the surface a small Atlantic low with an associated cold front. The rains will mainly reach Galicia and advance through Asturias and León. In addition, the meteorological portal points out that showers may already form in the Cantabrian region, north of Cáceres and, more isolatedly, in the Pyrenees, the Iberian Peninsula and even in the mountain ranges of eastern Andalusia. The trough will continue to advance and enter the peninsula from the west and A DANA could isolate itself within the trough and enter through Galicia.

The DANA will completely enter the Peninsula

The remains of the front will advance on Tuesday morning with rainfall through Galicia, the Cantabrian Sea, Castilla y León, Extremadura and even western Andalusia. In this sense, foresees weak showers in the center of the peninsula, in Madrid and parts of Castilla-La Manchto. At the same time, it indicates that stormy showers will begin to form in Galicia, the Cantabrian coast and in parts of Aragon and even northern Catalonia. That day The strongest showers that may be accompanied by storms are expected in Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, the Basque Country, without ruling out points on the northern plateau.

Already facing Wednesday, The DANA could completely enter the Peninsula, so this day could be the most unstable day of the week. In this context, showers accompanied by storms could form in a large part of the peninsular territory and even in the Balearic Islands, although a priori the Mediterranean regions will not have storms or downpours as strong as those of recent days. The points where the greatest intensity showers could be recorded are the interior of Galicia, west of Castilla y León, Extremadura and west of Andalusia and Castilla-La Mancha. They could also be strong in the Cantabrian, the upper and middle Ebro and north of Aragon and Catalonia.

The heat returns to Spain with more than 36 degrees

The models show that DANA would move away towards the north on Thursdayabandoning the Peninsula and placing in its place a ridge that will favor the increase in the atmospheric stability, according to Thus, the last day of showers and storms would affect the northern half of the peninsula, especially in the interior of Galicia, Montes de León, Burgos, La Rioja, interior of the Basque Country and southern Navarra. Likewise, they could also be locally strong in parts of Aragon, Catalonia and inland Castellón and in the rest, more isolated and weaker showers are not ruled out.

Temperatures will drop and the atmosphere will be cool for the season, especially on Wednesday and Thursday, advances the AEMET, without reaching 30ºC except in isolated points in the interior of the Mediterranean communities. Starting Friday it seems that the situation will tend to stabilize, with calm weather, slightly cloudy skies, hardly any rain and with temperatures that may clearly rise, exceeding 34 to 36ºC in large areas of the southern half.