The AEMET warns of heavy rains and storms in several areas of Spain and sets a date for the arrival of the heat

This week the unstable time in much of Spain, with showers which will be locally intense accompanied by storms and hail. However, as the days go by, the downpours will tend to become increasingly restricted to the extreme north of the peninsula. Temperatures will continue to be cool for the time of year, although starting Thursday the heat will gain prominence, when thermometers exceed 30 ºC in large areas of the southern half. Already during the weekend, the daytime temperatures could be around 35ºC in some points.

Cloudy skies will prevail this Tuesday in practically the entire territory, with showers in the north of the peninsula and Mallorca, which may be accompanied by occasional storms that may also occur in other regions of the eastern peninsula and the Balearic Islands, according to the prediction of the Spanish Meteorological Agency (Aemet). The Warnings for rain and storms will be in Teurel (Aragon), Mallorca (Balearic Islands), Gerona (Catalonia) and Castellón (Valencian Community).

In general, the state agency expects the unstable situation to continue in the north of the peninsula, with cloudy skies on the Cantabrian slope, and rainfall, affecting coastal areas, and tending to intensify and spread to the rest in the afternoon. Precipitation will be in the form of snow at high levels of the northern mountains, and no cloudiness is expected, leaving skies generally slightly cloudy in the south of Andalusia. In the Canary Islands, cloudy intervals are expected with a low probability of weak and isolated rainfall in the north.

The Maximum temperatures will tend to increase slightly in most parts of the country, more markedly on Valencian coasts, and with some decreases in the west of the peninsula. In much of the Cantabrian Sea and Castilla y León, the values ​​will be below 20ºC while in the Guadalquivir and the interior of the southeast they will be around 28 to 30ºC. As for the minimums, they will decrease in areas of the northeastern third of the peninsula, with slight increases predominating in the rest; Weak frosts in the Pyrenees.

ANDl wednesday, stability will increase, although cloudy skies and showers will still be recorded in the northern third of the peninsula, with the possibility of rain in other areas of the northern half and around the Iberian system, as well as in the Balearic Islands. Temperatures will hardly change, remaining cool for the season. Already the Thursday The weather will stabilize in most of the Peninsula with slightly cloudy skies, except in the extreme north of the peninsula, that is, in the north of Galicia, in the Cantabrian Sea, in the Pyrenees and in the northeast of Catalonia. In all these areas there will be rain and showers, which could also be strong locally, especially in the northeast of Catalonia. This day, temperatures will drop in the Mediterranean communities, but will rise in the center and the rest of the southern half of the peninsula. The Cantabrian communities and a good part of Castilla y León will have temperatures around 20ºCwhile in large areas of the south it will exceed 25ºC and even reach or exceed 30ºC in the Guadalquivir valley.

The thermal rise will extend Friday to a good part of the territory, with temperatures that will exceed 20ºC in almost the entire country, except in parts of the Cantabrian Sea and the Pyrenees. In the central areas, the south of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands there will already be more than 25ºC; in the Guadiana Valley it will be around 30ºC and in Points in the southeast and the Guadalquivir will reach 30 to 32ºC. That day they will form storms around the Pyrenees and the Iberian systembut in general dry weather will predominate in the rest of Spain. High pressures will take hold in much of Spain during the weekend and there will be hardly any rain, although the stormy showers could be repeated in mountainous areas of the north and east, but in isolation. Temperatures will continue to rise significantly, with an already hot environment. On Sunday, temperatures will exceed 30 to 32ºC in large areas of the center and south of the Peninsula, as well as in parts of the east, especially in the northeast, in the Ebro Depression. The stable and warm weather could continue during the first days of the following week, according to the AEMET spokesperson.