The identity theft scam linked to betting and income tax returns

Nobody likes to file their income tax return. That is a fact. But if we add to that that we may have to pay to obtain benefits for bets that we have never made, the annoyance is twofold and well founded. That is what is happening with many people who, when making their declaration, discover that their identity has been impersonated to register in physical or online betting houses and the taxes on your winnings pass to the victims.

The scam has affected so many people that the General Directorate of Gambling Regulation (DGOJ), belonging to the Ministry of Social Rights, Consumption and Agenda 2030, you have enabled an email inbox for these people: Those who have been affected may notify this fact by writing to the aforementioned email.

“The General Directorate has organized a action protocol coordinated with the National Police, the Civil Guard and gambling operators that have an enabling title, defining the guidelines of action that will facilitate the affected people throughout the process of accessing their data and, where appropriate, reporting – explains a statement from the ministry -. Through the email inbox, and after the appropriate checks, the DGOJ will inform the affected people about the steps they must take in managing the complaints and clarifying the facts, as well as facilitating the work of prosecuting the perpetrators. possible crimes by the State Security Forces and Bodies.”

To prevent this from happening in the future, INCIBE (National Cybersecurity Institute) recommends not giving our personal information over the phone without confirming who receives it. It also points out the importance of not giving photocopies of our DNI without taking prior measures, such as pixelating the images or the signature so that it cannot be used, putting watermarks so that it is known that it is not the original and any prevention that prevent its obtaining, whether through social networks or other means.

The DGOJ also remembers that identity theft is a crime and to prevent it from being carried out it has taken “various actions to combat this type of identity theft fraud; Identity verification and accreditation requirements were reinforced in the registration processes of new playersa Phishing alert service has been created and the global research service for the SIGMA betting market has been incorporated, among other measures.”

Given this possible case, beyond writingto the mail, it is also It is advisable to appear before the National Police to make the pertinent report, since this step will be required later and prevents us from future problems.