The beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea that can be reached by swimming

About three kilometers from the Alicante coast, and belonging to the spectacular l'Olla beach of the population of Altea, is found the Olleta Island, a small and beautiful corner that can be reached by swimming, if you have practice in this sport. In fact, many of those who do it are lovers of snorkeling or diving, since the seabed of this enclave is considered unique.

It is an island that is located within the Serra Gelada Natural Park and in which archaeological remains from the Roman era have been found. This island is not very far from the coast, so you can get there without any problem. And if you are more than dive or snorkelits crystal clear waters are ideal for contemplating its wonderful seabed.

The main faunal element is constituted by a population of Betic lizard (Timon nevadensis), which currently seems to have disappeared. Also present is the yellow-legged gull (Larus michahellis), which often occupies this small islet.

Snorkeling on the island of La Olla you can find oceanic Posidonia barrier reefs and meadows, as well as blankets of Cymodocea nodosa grass and calm regime photophilous algae. As for the rest of the aquatic life, in addition to different types of fish, it is common to see starfish, sea cucumbers, cuttlefish and salps, among other species.