The 12-meter-tall giant robot that maintains train tracks in Japan

Japan has surprised the world again with a new technological innovation that is reminiscent of a science-fiction film. The company West Japan Railway Co. has deployed a humanoid robot 12-meter-high train track maintenance operator. This technology not only seeks to improve efficiency in maintenance tasks, but also Addressing labour shortages and improving workplace safety.

The robot, reminiscent of such popular robotic characters as Transformers either Gundam, Due to its size and robust appearance, and with a head similar to that of Wall-E, it has been designed for practical and functional purposes.

Mounted on a truck that can travel on rails, this device is Equipped with interchangeable arms that can hold a variety of tools, including chainsaws and paintbrushes.. With a vertical reach of 12 metersthe robot can lift objects up to 40 kilograms and perform tasks that range from pruning tree branches to painting metal structures that hold cables above trains.

The 12-meter robot, working.JR West.

The robot is remotely controlled by an operator located in a cabin inside the truck. Using cameras installed in the robot’s head, the human controller You can see and manipulate the robot’s limbs as if you were performing the tasks directly.. This technology not only increases the precision of work, but also significantly improves safety by reducing the risks associated with working at heights or in dangerous conditions. Avoiding, for example, that an operator may suffer a fall from a great height or receive an electric shock.

The robot has started working this July in the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe region, after being announced by the company two years ago. JR West hopes that the introduction of this technology Reduce the labor required for maintenance tasks by 30%thus addressing the growing shortage of workers in an aging Japan.

Kazuaki Hasegawapresident of JR West, expressed at a recent press conference his hope that, in the future, Machines can be used for all types of maintenance operations on railway infrastructureThis robot not only represents a step forward in operational efficiency for JR West, but also serves as a case study for other companies facing similar labor shortage issues.

JR West is considering Expand the number of robots in use and evaluate the possibility of commercializing this technology to other companieswhile continuing to verify the effectiveness and benefits offered by the robot.