Telegram 'gives' you the Premium subscription in exchange for using your number to send verification SMS that you pay

'Free' and 'given' are words that usually sound good and if you are a user of Telegram and those words refer to the subscription Premium of the platform, with all its advanced features, even better. Although you probably won't think the same when you check in exchange for what the subscription is 'given away'. Telegram has launched a program called peer to peer login, P2PL, by which the user accepts that your phone number is used by Telegram 'as a relay of SMS login codes, in exchange for a subscription to Telegram Premium'as explained in the program's terms of service, ToS.

The program is only available for Android and in certain unspecified locations, the European Union not being among them. Telegram argues that it launches the program because SMS with the verification code necessary for a user to register and log in are sent through operators that 'depending on region and other factors, they have different degrees of reliability'. This helps ensure that users in all areas can receive SMS reliably. And it saves costs that it passes on to users, although it does not mention it..

This is one of those cases where it is essential to read the terms of service to realize why it is a very bad idea to sign up for this program. First of all, because Telegram specifies very clearly that sending SMS may incur user charges, by its operator, for which they are in no case responsible or refundable. The maximum number of SMS sent from the user's phone is 150so depending on the contracted rate it may cost a certain amount, especially if they are sent to other countries. Of course, much more than the 2 euros per month that a user in Spain would save if they did not pay the annual subscription.

The second aspect to take into account is privacy. The user's phone number will appear as the sender in each of the 150 monthly SMS and will give the recipient the option to try to contact him if he wants. Telegram cannot hide the number in SMS, so the ToS notes that the user 'acknowledges and accepts that he has considered each and every possible repercussions that this may entail and has taken the necessary precautions to mitigate them as he sees fit. Accordingly, he understands and accepts that Telegram will not be responsible for any inconvenience, harassment or damage resulting from unwanted, unauthorized or illegal actions carried out by users who became aware of your phone number through P2PL'. Come on, subscribe running.

Telegram Premium offers a series of services that may be of interest to many of its users, from unlimited cloud space to real-time translation and faster download speeds, among others. But the obvious risks associated with promotion make much more advisable to avoid itto arrive in Spain, and pay the fee of €23.99 per year or €3.19 per month.