Teamfight Tactics opens up to an artistic adventure in its latest free update for PC and mobile

'Teamfight Tactics – Inkborn: Fables', the latest update of the popular strategy game for PC with champions and items from the 'League of Legends' universe, is released with a new setwhich invites its players to explore a new world in which myths and legends join reality. There, they will meet fantastic creatures who bring destiny and good luck. In this new set, players will be able to enjoy a new mechanic, the meetings, with 80 variations that will turn the gaming experience upside down and a squad of 59 champions, plus two exclusive characters and 27 new attributes, as well as over 100 augmentations to fight your way to victory.

Teamfight TacticsRiot Games

Born from ink: Fables

With the introduction of content, players will encounter fantastic spirits and mythological champions thanks to a new game mechanic: Encounters. This means that players will encounter these legendary creatures in the game at random times. These figures will give players different bonuses or will alter the game to offer some surprises.

'Born of Ink: Fables' also brings with it new champions from the 'League of Legends' universe, such as Alune, who was only part of the story of another champion's abilities, but is now playable; and Kobuko, the Joyful Claw, a yordle expert in martial arts who not only joins 'Teamfight Tactics', but also the 'LoL' universe. But that's not all the content, as season-specific cosmetic items debut with a rotating catalog and a new currency earned in Treasure Kingdoms.

“We're always looking for new ways to put a spin on Teamfight Tactics and take into account player feedback. Each set is packed with surprises, and there are many ways to play. All for the enjoyment of strategy game lovers or those who “They are looking for a new experience in the League of Legends universe,” explains Peter Whalen, game director at Riot Games.