Defense will allocate 327.8 million to rehabilitate the Army barracks

The Contracting Board of the Army is processing a framework agreement to put out to tender the reform, restoration, rehabilitation, conservation, demolition and maintenance of the infrastructure of the Army barracks in national territory. Based on the previous announcement published on the Public Sector Contracting Platform, The contract has an estimated value of 327,820,500 euros and is divided into 26 different lots.

Madrid and Castilla la Mancha

The adaptation works of the bases located in the Community of Madrid and Castilla La Mancha will account for 16.81 percent of the total budget. The total investment proposed for these regions is 55,125,000 euros, divided into two lots with an estimated value of 14.7 and 40.40 million respectively.

Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands

The Contracting Board will allocate two joint lots for the reform of the barracks of the Valencian Community and Catalonia, with estimated values ​​of 9,555,000 and 13,965,000 euros. The disbursement in the Balearic Islands will also be made through two lots, valued at 3,675,000 and 4,200,000 euros.

Aragon, Navarra and La Rioja

For the reforms in the facilities of the Army in Aragón, lto the Foral Community of Navarra and La Rioja 42,997,500 will be allocated, a figure that represents 13.11 percent of the total budget. The award will be made in two lots of 6,247,500 and 36,750,000 euros.

Galicia and Asturias

The investment in Galicia and Asturias will rise to 11,392,500 euros and will also be divided into two lots with estimated values ​​of 6,615,000 and 4,777,500 euros.

Andalusia, Murcia and Extremadura

For the south of the Peninsula, the Contracting Board proposes 4 lots for a total value of 64,680,000 euros, representing 19.73 percent of the total budget. The first two lots, with estimated values ​​of 13,965,000 and 18,375,000, will be used for works on Army infrastructure in the region. Western Andalusia-Extremadura. The two remaining lots, with the same value respectively, will be used for barracks in the region Eastern Andalusia-Murcia. In this way, heThe investment in each of these corridors will amount to up to 32,340,000 euros

Basque Country and Cantabria

Lot number 12 will be used for the necessary works at bases in Cantabria and the three provinces of the Basque Country. The estimated value of the investment in this area is 6,615,000 euros.

Castile and León

For Castilla y León, the Contracting Board will allocate 3 lots worth 33,883,500 euros. Of this item, which represents 10.33 percent of the total budget, lot number 14, of 24,990,000 euros, will be invested throughout the region, while lot number 11, of 1,543,500 euros, will not apply to the reforms. to be carried out in the provinces of Burgos and Soria. For this reason, the third lot proposed, identified with number 10 and with an estimated value of 7,350,000 euros, specifies that its purpose is to carry out works in these two cities and also in certain areas of the Basque Country and Cantabria.

Autonomous cities

The pre-announcement provides details on 4 lots for the two Spanish autonomous cities with a joint value of 24,402,000 euros. The two lots destined for the barracks of Ceuta They have a value of 8,820,000 and 5,880,000 euros, adding up to a total of 14,700,000 euros. The two lots for Melillawhich details the non-inclusion of the islands and rocks, have a value of 2,352,000 and 7,350,000 euros, adding up to a total of 9,702,000 euros.

Canary Islands

The planned investment in the Canary Islands is 57,330,000, that is, 17.49 percent of the total figure. The Contracting Board has assigned 28,665,000 euros to each of the provinces that make up the archipelago. In this way, the Army will have two lots of 10,290,000 and 18,375,000 euros to renovate the bases it has in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and another two lots of the same value for the infrastructure located in Las Palmas.