Latest WhatsApp update: you can now post up to three messages per chat

Last year WhatsApp presented the option to pin a message in chats. Now Mark Zuckerberg has just announced that the app is going to increase to 3 the number of messages that can be posted in each chat.

The ability to pin chats has already proven useful in common scenarios, especially in group chats. when we forget an address or a date and they are the quickest answer to the classic questions “Does anyone remember…”, “Can you pass me…”.

The pinned messages are basically those that interest us and we can “pin” to the beginning of the chatabove the group messages and just below the contact.

To pin a message, simply click on it and select “Pin” from the menu that appears. By default, the message will remain fixed for seven days, but we can configure it so that it is stay 24 hours, seven or 30 days. Two important details: it is not known who has posted which message and it cannot be posted indefinitely, at least not for now.

With this feature you can easily highlight important messages in both group and individual chats (for example, to remember a possible gift or the time of an appointment). And now we are no longer limited to just one and can have three pinned messages.

All types of messages can be posted such as text, audio, surveys, images, emojis, etc. And all of them are end-to-end encrypted.

To post a message you have to hold down to select, a dialog box will appear and we choose “Set” from the drop-down menu. The time option for it to be set will then appear (24 hours, 7 days and 30 days), we select it and once the period passes, it disappears. The default option is 7 days. In a group chat, administrators have the option to select whether all members, some members, or none can pin messages.