The Arab plan to unite Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen in the same team

Confirmation that seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton will leave Mercedes at the end of next season to wear red with Ferrari in 2025 has sparked a series of speculation and potential moves that could significantly alter the driver line-up in the near future. .

This change not only means the departure of Carlos Sainz from Ferrari, but also opens up a range of possibilities in what promises to be a particularly hectic transfer season. Mercedes' search for a driver who can fill the void left by Hamilton and return the German team to its golden era of dominance between 2014 and 2021 places Fernando Alonso in the spotlight as a leading candidate to partner George Russell .

If this were to come true, Who would replace Fernando Alonso at Aston Martin? We are at the gates of the most exciting silly season – signing season in the driver market – in recent years. The signing of Lewis Hamilton for Ferrari and the 'Horner case' threaten to blow up all the pieces on the grid.

Much has been rumored in recent weeks about the future of Fernando Alonso, Carlos Sainz and even Max Verstappen and now, from Italy, they point to a plan that would blow up the grill. According to '', after the Christian Horner Max Verstappen scandal, Adrian Newey or Helmut Marko could leave and that is where the power of petrodollars would come into play.

The Saudi bet

Rumors have been circulating in the paddock for some time about the Saudi Arabian oil company's willingness to make acquisitions in Formula 1. In November, Lawrence Stroll sold for the first time a minority stake in the Aston Martin Formula 1 team to the firm of US private equity based Arctos Partners. It is not clear if that was an early sign of a possible withdrawal. In addition, Aramco has already been strongly committed as a global partner in the Formula 1 business since 2020 and became the new main sponsor of the green team this winter, reinforcing a more direct long-term commitment.

In fact, according to what “F1insider” reported last October, Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll could sell his racing team to Saudi Arabia with Fernando Alonso as a key part of the operation.

According to this information, the main shareholder of the sports car manufacturer Aston Martin and owner of the Formula 1 team of the same name, would be thinking of selling his team to a newly founded Saudi state fund. The state oil company Aramco, which is already the main sponsor of the team, will lead the negotiations for the sale of the fund created to further promote the sport in the desert state. The purchase price is estimated at around 800 million euros. The team did not want to confirm the news although Stroll himself admits that there have been “approaches” and emphasizes that Formula 1 is a sport and “a business that is on fire.”

A megaproject that would be increased with the Red Bull crisis. Aramco has become obsessed with Verstappen and Newey and wants both stars to lead the Saudi company's winning project at Aston Martin.

Paddock sources claim that the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix It was the ideal terrain to confidentially approach some very high-profile profiles, analyze viability and promise blank checks. for future commitments in due course. In this prospect of great development, Red Bull's heavyweights are in the crosshairs: the triple world champion Max Verstappen and the genius Adrian Newey.

At the same time Aston Martin will leave Mercedes to join Honda, with which it will have the support of an official team, a fundamental basis to try to win. Reconnect with the Japanese It is a fact that could be very interesting for the Verstappen clan.

Formula 1, in the spotlight of Saudi Arabia

This is not the first time that these rumors linking the green team with the petrodollar business have gained strength. Saudi Arabia wants to become a World Sports power, not only in football – where they want to compete for the 2034 World Cup – but also in Formula 1, where they already have the Jeddah GP. Golf, Formula 1 and football are among its main investment focuses.

For this reason, last January the news broke that they would be willing to make a significant investment that would allow Aston Martin to develop its headquarters in Saudi territory. A project that would allow him to have another renowned ambassador to achieve his final objectives, which would be none other than Fernando Alonso.

The Saudis They would be delighted to have the Asturian in sponsorship and advertising tasks as they have already agreed with footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Benzema.

The plan includes teams such as Aston Martin or McLaren moving to the city of Neom, a territory projected in the province of Tabuk that will become the first smart city in the world. Neom would also function as a tourist destination. A project with which the Arab country wants to imitate the Qatar model that led it to the celebration of the last World Cup and has become a top tourist destination.

Currently, seven of the 10 Formula 1 teams have bases in England but, if Saudi Arabia succeeds in its mission, Mercedes, Red Bull, Alpine, McLaren, Aston Martin, Haas and Williams could choose to move.

The Asturian has not yet revealed his future but if Aramco's plan bears fruit Will we see him racing alongside Verstappen?