Storms with hail will break out in these areas

We carry two days of strong stormsbut everything indicates that the DANA toIt has not yet deployed its full potential in Spain, and it will do so between this Friday and Saturday. Furthermore, the temperature drop will be notable in a good number of communities.

The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) has put on alert eight communities due to rain and strong storms. Castilla y León, has activated the orange notice in the provinces of Ávila, Zamora and Valladolidfor a precipitation that will leave 30 liters in one hour and due to storms with hailwhile in the rest of the community there is a yellow level (risk) due to rain that will accumulate 20 liters in one hour.

In the northern half of the peninsula, the communities of Galicia, Aragonespecially in the area of Teruel and La Rioja They remain on yellow alert for intense storms accompanied by hail or rain of up to 20 liters in one hour.

Castile-La Mancha and Extremadura They have also activated the yellow warning throughout the community for storms and rainfall of between 20 and 15 liters per square meter in one hour.

All provinces of Andalusiaexcept Almería, remain on alert for storms and rain, up to 15 liters in an hour, and in the Levante area, only points in the northern interior of Valencia (Valencian Community) They have a yellow warning for storms with possible hail.

Meteored reports that showers will affect a large part of the country, except for the Mediterranean area. They will be accompanied by storms, strong gusts of wind and, in some cases, large hail. The situation will be adverseespecially in central Andalusia, areas of Extremadura and Castilla-La Mancha, inland areas of the Valencian Community, the Community of Madrid and Castilla y León. However, they warn that it is not advisable to let down our guard in the rest of the areas.

Thermometers plummet

As regards temperatures, the forecast expects an almost general decrease, locally notable in the maximum temperatures in central areas. In areas of the Mediterranean area and the Canary Islands, they will increase slightly. Even so, the maximum temperatures will be high in the middle Ebro and in the depressions of the northeast. It will be warmer in Lleida (37 degrees), Zaragoza (36) and Huesca (35), and milder especially in Oviedo (19) and A Coruña, Lugo and Santander (21).. On the other hand, the AEMET expects haze at high levels in the eastern half and the Balearic Islands, tending to decrease.

The weather for the weekend

The DANA will move away from the peninsula during the weekendalthough a new Atlantic trough will penetrate the northwest of the peninsula, maintaining instability. Saturday It will be a day with showers and storms widely distributed across the northern half, also in points in the center, and that locally, for another day, could be intense.

The situation will be similar Sunday, again with the possibility of rain and showers in areas of the northern half and the center, although perhaps they are less likely. That day there will be a general rise in temperatures and the weather will still be cool in the north. The heat will be a little hotter in the south, east and the Balearic Islands, where in some areas it may exceed 34ºC.

Tropical nights are back

During the week of July 1 to 7, a stabilization trend is expected, although instability may persist in the north and northeast of the peninsula at the beginning. Thus, in the extreme north, cloudy skies and the possibility of weak rainfall and diurnal cloudiness are expected in the interior northeastern third, with possible showers accompanied by some storms that will subside as the days go by. Intervals of low clouds on Mediterranean coasts are also not ruled out. In the rest of the Peninsula, slightly cloudy skies or some evolving clouds will predominate. Temperatures will increase. Temperatures can exceed 35 degrees in the southwest. On the southeastern and eastern coasts, tropical nights are likely, in which the temperature will not drop below 20 degrees.