storms and rain in these regions before the summer heat

The last days of spring They come with a lot of atmospheric activity. A Atlantic front and then a DANA They will leave until Thursday days of very intense downpours and storms in several areas of our country. Temperatures will drop significantly from this Tuesday, with a fresh atmosphere for the time.

The passage of a atlantic front Today it will leave cloudy or overcast skies in the northwest half of the peninsula with rain advancing from west to east throughout the day. Areas of Asturias and Lugo (Galicia), Ávila and Salamanca (Castilla y León) and Cáceres (Extremadura) will be on warning for rain and storms.

According to State Meteorological Agency (AEMET)in the northwest quadrant and Cantabrian area, instability is expected with showers and storms, occasionally with hail, which will be more intense in the northwest and which They could be strong in the northeast of Galicia and the western Cantabrian environment.

Lightly cloudy skies will predominate in the eastern and southeastern thirds of the peninsula, as well as in the Balearic Islands, without precipitation, except for some showers in the afternoon in the western Pyrenees and surrounding areas to the south, which is not ruled out in eastern Iberia either. In turn, the AEMET prediction indicates that there will likely be calima on the eastern façade of the peninsula and the Balearic archipelago.

Maximum temperatures will tend to decrease, especially in the west and southwest of the peninsula, they will remain with few changes in the Canary Islands, and with increases in the east of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Meanwhile, 35ºC may be reached in the middle Ebro, areas of the southeast of the peninsula and interior of Majorca.

On the other hand, the minimums will decrease in Galicia and the southeastern third of the peninsula, increasing in the northeast quadrant, Extremadura and the Balearic Islands. The provincial capitals that will register the highest values ​​will be Lleida and Zaragoza with 35ºC; Granada with 34ºC and Huesca and Murcia with 33ºC.and it will soften especially in Lugo (18), A Coruña (19) and León and Oviedo (20).

Where is it going to rain with DANA?

He Wednesdaya DANA, whose nucleus will be located in the northwest of the peninsula, will cause stormy showers in the north, west and points of the eastern third of the peninsula. The central area will be calmer, although showers are not ruled out. The heaviest rainfall will occur in the extreme northe, with a decrease in temperatures in the center and east, and increases in the northwest and southeast, reaching 32-34ºC in the Ebro valleys and the interior southeast, as well as in Mallorca. In the western third, the atmosphere will be fresh for the time. In the east and the Balearic Islands, suspended dust will continue.

He Thursday, under the influence of DANA, instability will persist in the north of the peninsula, with fairly widespread and locally strong stormy showers in the Cantabrian Sea and the northeast. Temperatures will continue to drop in the northeast, and the atmosphere will be cool in the northern and central third, with values ​​below 25ºC. The Mediterranean and Balearic areas will have temperatures above 32ºC.

The week will end with very intense heat

From FridayDANA is expected to move away, allowing the arrival of high pressures and a decrease in rainfall. That day, locally intense showers will be concentrated in the extreme north, the Pyrenees and mountainous areas of the northeast. Temperatures will rise in general, with the rise being marked in the south.

From Meteored, they report that during the weekend The subtropical ridge will prevail and temperatures will continue to increase in almost the entire country. The most likely thing is that 40 ºC will be reached again in the Guadalquivir valley and the Guadiana plains, with tropical minimums on the shores of the Mediterranean.