Spring, migraine alters.

Five million Spaniards suffer from migraine, the majority with a family history and a high percentage of women compared to men. Migraine pain can last for hours or even days; and in severe cases they are disabling for daily activity. Diet is key and there are some triggers to avoid: chocolate, pickles, nuts, fruits and alcohol. On an emotional level, anxiety, insomnia, and climate changes, particularly spring. When faced with a migraine, relax in the dark; sleep, avoiding screens (television, cell phone, tablets…) hours before going to bed; regular and intense physical activity; and moderate coffee consumption.

PFAS are not like the plague… they are the plague!

This is a group of artificial chemicals used in packaging, kitchen utensils or stain removers. They can affect our health at low levels and accumulate in the human body, with unknown results at the moment. It is recommended to avoid furniture and rugs that carry the “stain-resistant” label; or those products that include “perfluoro”, “PTFE” or “Teflon”; Drastically reduce fast food whose packaging contains PFAS, and use stainless steel or iron utensils.

Finally, Kombucha 0.

The increasingly popular Kombucha is made from a fermented tea infusion based on SCOBY, which are bacteria and yeast. For the most fans, the problem is that most brands on the market add carbon dioxide or shorten the fermentation process to increase production. Now, some brands offer “Kombucha O,” which is a good option; Although the best Kombucha is the traditional unpasteurized one, which has only natural sugar.