Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Fate of Splinter confirms its arrival this summer on Switch

Good news for Switch players, because the addictive 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Fate of Splinter' by Super Evil Megacorp, will be released in the hybrid of Nintendo next July. The game is a “roguelike” from the franchise that was previously published on iOS devices, through Apple Arcade. Taking control of Leonard, Rafael, Donatello and Michaelangelothe player must face a mission to rescue the teacher Splinter. The format boasts intense real-time combat in the different stages and during the course of the adventure the teenage mutant turtles will be able to unlock new abilities that will allow them to become increasingly stronger.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Fate of SplinterSuper Evil Megacorp

Against the Foot Clan

The adventure, which also has multiplayer, has not yet confirmed a more precise release date than the reference to the month of “July”, nor has it indicated whether it will add any type of content or exclusive features for the edition or retail prices. . In fact, as the product is available through an Apple Arcade subscription, so far it has no established value for the public.

The delivery in which our heroic turtles face each other with the Foot Clan, is their first “roguelike” style adventure, where they have the opportunity to travel through portals that alter reality to rescue Splinter, their master. Here each level can be transformed through random power-ups, changes to the layout of the rooms, and items that modify the bosses. You can also explore iconic locations in New York and even play online with up to three people in a cooperative mode that allows you to join or leave the game at any time.

Temporary exclusive

To all this, among other solutions, you can also increase the turtle's powers permanently using in-game currency to acquire artifacts that improve skills, so you can face more challenging gaming sessions. “Shredder has kidnapped Splinter and mysterious portals have appeared all over New York. While April and Metalhead analyze the recovered artifacts for clues, the turtles fight to free their father from the clutches of the Foot Clan. However, as they slowly approach Splinter's extraterrestrial location, an even greater threat lurks in the shadows… The fun is non-stop thanks to power-ups, changing room layouts and boss modifiers. Control any of the four turtles, each with their special powers, or team up with your friends to play great cooperative games,” describes the official synopsis of the title that will arrive on Nintendo Switch as a “temporary” exclusive for consoles in July, so it won't take too long to appear on other platforms.