Sonic Dream Team: the exclusive Apple Arcade platform title receives new content

Those responsible for ‘Sonic Dream Team‘at SEGA they have released the third update of content for the new game platform and 3D action exclusive to Apple Arcade. The content pack includes a second set of levels of Sweet Dreamsa special post-game mission for experts only, new achievements and collectible songs for the player.

More content in the palm of your hand

In this sense, new acts have also been added to Sweet Dreams. These new phases also have level features and mission twists, such as turns and a “stay off the ground” mission. Similarly, it is inaugurated a special level only for experts. To participate in the aspect, yes, you will have to collect all the orbs and dream moons that will be able to enter Bittersweet Way, cataloged by its creators as “the most challenging experience to date.” You can also look forward to new achievements and competitive rankings, as well as collectible songs through hidden musical notes in the adventure acts to unlock the game’s soundtrack and listen to Sonic Dream Team songs in the player.

In this installment, our intrepid protagonists will once again face the evil Dr. Eggman who, as usual, will resort to his tricks to try to recover an ancient device, the Reverie, with which he can apparently make dreams come true. As Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Cream, Amy Rose and Rouge, players will have to collaborate and try to thwart the plans of their new attempt at world domination and prevent their dreams from coming true.

Three types of movement

Each member of our main team will have their own personality and playing style, displaying one of the three types of movement that will offer unique opportunities while exploring and traveling through the various levels. We are no longer in the iconic Green Hill, ‘Sonic Dream Team’ incorporates 12 intricate levels in four worlds with scenarios where players can run along walls, take advantage of changes in gravity and much more. In addition, as is usual in the franchise, there are battles against final bosses that will test the skills learned during the adventure with the different types of movement. It is available exclusively on Apple Arcade and can be played on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Vision Pro.