Scientists attribute giant hail storm to climate change for the first time

Madrid — Scientists from several Spanish universities have for the first time attributed a giant hail stormwhich occurred in the province of Girona (in northeastern Spain) in August 2022, to the effects of climate change.

The combination of a marine heat wave and anthropogenic climate change contributed “decisively” to the giant hail storm – up to 12 cm – that occurred on August 30, 2022 in the province of Girona, researchers from the Complutense universities have concluded. from Madrid (UCM), Valladolid (UVA) and Pablo de Olavide from Seville (UPO).

Through numerical simulations, Researchers have established for the first time a direct relationship between climate change and this type of phenomenathe Complutense University reported today.

Specifically, they point out that The development of a supercell – an immense, damaging rotating storm – was aided by an unprecedented amount of convective energy.the “fuel” that fuels the formation of these supercells in the atmosphere, which resulted in greater severity of the storm, encouraging the formation of giant hail.