Pedro Sánchez's salary: how much does the President of the Government of Spain earn?

Farce, theater, dramatization… Yesterday afternoon became abuzz after the controversial letter to the citizens of the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sanchez. A letter, published on social networks, and emerged after the complaint of the Manos Liminas union against his wife, Begoña Gómezfor possible influence peddling.

And so, with Spain in suspense for five days, there are many who venture that this will remain a dead end, that it will not go any further and that Sánchez will continue to lead the Executive after submitting to a question of trust already won in advance. But if he resigned (an option that does not enter the pools), How much would he stop earning as President of the Executive?.

How much does the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, earn?

According to the latest General State Budgets, Pedro Sánchez's salary is 90,010.20 euros per yearwithout extra payments and with a remuneration in 12 months, so perceiveabout 7,500 euros per month. This figure far exceeds that of its predecessors Mariano Rajoy and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. It should be noted that the former president of the Popular Party concluded his last term with a salary of 80,953.08 euros in 2018, while Zapatero did so with 78,185 euros.

Throughout these two legislatures, the salary of the Chief Executive has increased up to five times, as have those of the rest of the senior Government officials. Specifically, when he first took office in 2018, the stipulated annual salary was 80,953 euros. Since then, in the last five years he has experienced a total increase of 11.11%.

Shares, two homes and two parking spaces in Madrid

But beyond the salary of the general secretary of the socialists, we must also take into account his heritage. According to Sánchez's latest asset declaration, his assets include two homes and two parking spaces in Madrid. One of them, of which she owns 100%, was acquired in 1992, along with the garage space. The other, of which he is a half owner, was acquired in 2008. Also owns shares worth 5,104 eurosa balance of 20,000 euros in your checking account, a pension plan of 105,378 euros and an investment fund with 81,449 euros.

Pedro Sánchez and Begoña GómezGtresGtres

with your book ''Resistance Manual'' published in 2019, Sánchez entered a total of 42,000 euros for the copyright and after paying the corresponding taxes, he donated all of the profits to a non-governmental organization active in Madrid and Córdoba called ''Obra Social Nur''.