The secret life of Pedro Sánchez and Begoña Gómez: their daughters, their wedding and where they met

Twenty years together goes a long way, even for one resignation on a delayed basis. And it is that the complaint of Clean Hands against Begoña Gómez Due to possible influence peddling, she has taken her husband, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, A withdrawal has to be considered (with drama included). In just five days, the PSOE leader's order will have an answer, but in his letter to the citizens he wanted to make something clear: “I am a man deeply in love with my wife.”

Their love story dates back to the year 2000 at a university party. The leader of the Socialist Party, as he has confessed on occasion, fell in love with his wife at first sight although he made it very difficult for her. “You don't know the trouble I gave him, I had to work hard,” acknowledged the Chief Executive. And at that time, Pedro “was wearing a tracksuit and had a jacket because that was what he wore”, but that was not a problem for him, since he used his “lipstick” to flirt. He wasn't very good at dancing either, but he “was very flirtatious.”

The love story of Pedro Sánchez and Begoña Gómez: wedding in 2006 and two daughters together

His tenacity was rewarded and Begoña agreed to live with him in an apartment in La Latina. There she was born his first daughter, Ainhoa, and finally, in 2006 they said “I do” in a civil and private celebration at the Hipódromo de la Zarzuela. Barely a year after the ceremony officiated by Trinidad Jiménez, his second daughter, Carlota.

Before arriving at La Moncloa in 2018, They lived in a chalet in Pozuelo de Alarcónand they had a second residence in Mojacar, where they summered every year. After he came to office, this also changed and his vacation destination was split in two: La Mareta (Lanzarote) and Las Marismillas (Doñana). It was not the only change, from the official car it went to the controversial Falcon. And they had no qualms about renovating the presidential palace either, just remember the controversy generated after announcing that they were going to change the mattress in the master bedroom.

Passion for sports and fashion

Although Sánchez is not very prolific when it comes to giving details of his family life, his book “Tierra Firme” offers great insights. “With Begoña I share a love of sports, we like to go riding our bikes together, take a walk in the countryside… We are both fans of reading and we like to talk about our readings,” says the Spanish president. He even goes so far as to talk about what his ideal day would be like: “For me it consists of getting up late, doing some exercise with Begoña and eating paella, a fabada, a salmorejo with my family (…) Every Sunday we have lunch as a family, I'm not very original about that.”

In a program presented by Susanna Griso, Begoña Gómez assured that Sánchez is very romantic and that at times he has even written letters to her. “I keep everything. I have a wooden trunk (…) It's very romantic. It has many details. Even when he sees you a little overwhelmed by work and so on, he suggests going out to dinner or preparing a special moment for you.”

Sánchez's support for his wife in the world of fashion is also notable. A lover of the spotlight and Spanish fashion, she is a regular at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week shows, to which she sometimes attends with her husband. Striking was his star appearance at Ana Locking's fashion show. Among his favorite designers are Teresa Helbig, Moisés Nieto or Marcos Luengoamong others.

Pedro Sánchez and Begoña Gómez in London.NEIL HALLEFE Agency

What does Begoña Gómez do?

Born in Bilbao in 1975, although she grew up in the south of the province of León, specifically in the town of Valderas. She has a degree in Marketing from ESIC in Madrid and subsequently completed a master's degree in Business Administration. Before her arrival to Moncloa, He carried out advisory work in different NGOs such as Oxfam Intermón, Amnesty International or Anesvad. For years she worked as director of commercial outsourcing consulting for the Inmark Group where, in 2018, she requested a leave of absence.

Although her intention has been to maintain a low profile, Gómez has attracted attention in various public places, including her presence at high-profile events such as Madrid Fashion Week and the NATO summit in Madrid in June 2022.