Saturday’s gadget: Huawei FreeBuds 6i, crystal clear sound for less than €100

Huawei’s wearables, both its watches and its headphones, are the focus of much of the attention of the Chinese company, which seeks to maintain the inertia it had with its mobile phones and was interrupted by the United States veto. The last of the The products presented are these headphones, the FreeBuds 6i and they have very interesting features. The first? Its price: €99.

Obviously, if we take this into account, we will expect some features and others not so much. But this model surprises in several sections. To start with, its design is very comfortable, they are Very light (just over 5 grams each headset) and 34 grams for the charging case. Although they have a magnet in the case so that they do not move easily, it is easy to remove them from the case, something that was not the case in previous models.

From the factory they come with a set of medium-sized silicone eartips, but in their box there are two other sets, one smaller and one larger. These not only allow better adaptation to the ear, they also contribute to the first part of noise cancellation: by occupying part of the ear, they facilitate isolation. And with this they fall if we do any physical activity. Thanks to a system of internal sensors, it is possible see if the selected pad is the best optionusing the Huawei application.

On the outside, in what we call the stick, the FreeBuds 6i They have touch controls to select playbackpause music, accept or cancel calls, raise or lower the volume and choose the type of noise cancellation from the 4 possible options.

Let’s go right to this, which is one of the most interesting features of these headphones. Noise cancellation works in part thanks to a very well-developed algorithm by Huawei and also in response to its six microphones that capture and interpret outside sound, but also the amount of sound that comes in when we have the headphones on, even if we have the best ear pad option selected. The headphones do not close tightly against our auditory pavilion, some sound easily enters through this “door” and another part is filtered out in a measured manner.

Huawei’s specialized algorithm for these filtered sounds can handle up to 34 different scenarios (airplanes, trains, crowds, traffic, nature, sea…) and is what defines the degree of cancellation. Or rather, mode: Dynamic, Comfortable, General and Ultra. To this we must add a mode of attention: we can continue listening to the music faithfully without stopping paying attention to the environment. All this has to do, again, with the microphones, which are also responsible for The quality of the calls is very good (if we use both headphones). In fact, they also have noise cancellation for calls, an option that focuses on the quality of the sender’s voice, so that they can hear us better and our voice prevails.

Another notable advantage is that they can be connected simultaneously to two devices at the same time, be it a tablet, television, or computer, and you can switch between the two without any problem.

Battery? They don’t have the Pro’s, but just barely: They reach five hours with the most demanding options (read noise cancellation activated) or eight hours if we want to save money. These figures can be stretched to a maximum of 35 hours with the charging case. We need just over half an hour for a full charge of the headphones and almost double that for the case to be full. Finally, five minutes of charging gives about two hours of playback. A detail to highlight positively: they have a function that all gadgets should have by default: Find the device. If they are less than 20 meters, We can find them thanks to the app. It could be a little more, it’s true, but it’s something.

All that remains is to talk about the sound quality. The FreeBuds 6i have very good quality, excellent if we remember their price and with little or no competition. They work very well with the bass, with the treble, they differentiate subtle nuances… Of course, it is clear that they are not the Pro. If the The choice is based on sound quality and that is non-negotiable., these are not the headphones you are looking for and you surely know it when we discuss the price: there are no such cheap headphones with professional sound. Now if you want quality headphones, compatible with all operating systems, easy to connect, resistant and with noise cancellation close to professional, the FreeBuds 6i are among the three best at the very least. Especially for its price.

The FreeBuds 6i are available in three colors: purple, white and black.