San Fermín 2024 bull run: the dangerous Cebada Gago break their curse with a miracle (part of the injured)

After more than four minutes that the first bull run lasted of San Ferminwith the bulls of La Palmosilla, staying Two of them were stragglers in the same square and it was difficult to put them in the pens., Great work by the dubbersit was time for the second running of the bulls of the long-awaited Sanfermines. Nothing less than the well-known bulls from the cattle ranch Gago Barley For a fair Monday, fewer people were expected and it was noticeable compared to the first Sunday Sanfermin Festivalwhich was as crowded as it was miraculous, but with a huge number of people along the way.

On this occasion, we returned to the scenes of tension and fear, because the occasion deserved it. The motto that was announced, the Cádiz-born Cebada Gago, is preceded by its own history. The breeders have brought eight specimens to the Corrales del Gas, despite the fact that, as usual, at eight in the morning and after the obligatory announcing rocket, The six bulls that will fight in the afternoon went out onto the streets of Pamplona.

Bulls with a history of danger and injury during the running of the bulls

Bulls with stunning faces and known for their danger. The truth is that these bulls are veterans of the Sanfermines. And in this 2024 edition, they will celebrate their 33rd running of the bulls in their entire history. If their name alone scares the runners, it is because They have accumulated 61 gorings in these years and in fact last year, which was about San Fermincalm, they were the protagonists of the most dangerous bull runs of the entire series. The same thing happened when the pandemic allowed us to enjoy the most universal festivals in the world again.

The fast Cebada Gago bulls will be the stars of the Sanfermines bull run this MondayDaniel FernandezEFE Agency

This was the route of the second bull run

After the chants, the mystery began to unravel and fear turned into speed. The Cebada Gago bulls starred in an exciting race, The herd dispersed immediately and right at the well-known Mercaderes curve. A true miracle was experienced in an incredible image. A young man was trapped by the back of one of the bulls and despite being at the mercy of the bull’s horns, the animal chose to continue on its way without hurting him. It was one of the many miracles we experienced on the route.

One of the animals entered the square with a split python and very long runs could be experienced by the runners, because the herd stretched a lot although it did not break. That is why at 2:46 the six Cebada Gago bulls were in the bullpens of the square.

Six injured in the second running of the bulls at Sanfermines
Six injured in the second running of the bulls at SanferminesEduardo SanzEuropa Press

Part of the wounded

According to the Red Cross, six requests for transfer to hospitals have been made: two with bruises with shoulder deformity, another with a non-massive hemorrhage on the face, one more with a maxillofacial contusion, another waiter with a cranial contusion, and one more from the bullring of which more details are still unknown.

The fast Cebada Gago bulls will be the stars of the Sanfermines bull run this Monday
The fast Cebada Gago bulls will be the stars of the Sanfermines bull run this MondayJesus DigesEFE Agency

Today’s bullfighters at the San Fermin 2024 Festival

This afternoon the bullfighters who will perform are the FrenchJohn Lealthe Valencian Roman and Isaac Fonsecaa native of Mexico, who was seriously gored in Las Ventas and suffered a dislocation eight days ago in a Peruvian arena. Clearly, of a different kind.