Puigdemont’s Twitter war to undermine ERC’s defences

The negotiations in Catalonia may have taken a turn for the worse. The Supreme Court’s “Coup” We will have to see how he recovers in the next few days. The responsibility lies with the judge. Pablo Llarena and the High Court, the separatists officially say. But who they are looking at is Moncloa and the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, from the conviction, not publicly acknowledged, that The socialist leader is a “lame duck” which has also deceived them. Even though it has bent the seams of the rule of law to satisfy its demands: “He has given us what he could not give.”

Puigdemont has a strength that ERC does not have today, and that is the unity of action within his party. No one dares to raise their voice and whatever they say will be done. ERC is a chaos under the rule of an “aristocratic” classas the general secretary is defined from within the party, Marta Rovira, and her pawnsThe party has a bigger problem than the poor electoral results when it enters a phase in which from within those leading the negotiations for the investiture session are being targeted and accused of acting cowardly, lacking independence, more concerned with their “offices” than fulfilling their obligations, and subject, above all, to the power that Puigdemont has in the media. An army of Twitter users is enough to undermine ERC’s position in this negotiationthey lament.

While Rovira seeks to ignore the PSC and knocks on Madrid’s door, the President of the Government is not sitting back with his arms crossed. Sánchez is playing to win in Catalonia, but if he loses the game, his partners see him capable of doubling the bet and going to a double electoral call on October 13, Catalan and general.

Just in case, in Moncloa they have already begun to put a gloss on the strategy and prepare the slogans for a new campaign. Sánchez is sure that, if the time comes, he will be able to once again take on the responsibility of supporting the party against the right with the same weapons he used in the previous call for general elections: fear of the right, victimhood and the leadership of a left for which He no longer needs to work in tandem with Yolanda DíazThe PSC would be their hook and the Moncloa machinery has begun to spread muddy arguments against the main opposition party. We are entering a stage of harsh accusations of corruption in which a huge effort will have to be made to distinguish lies from truth.

And if not, there remains that argument that Moncloa distributed yesterday among its supporters a few days after Begoña Gomez, the president’s wife, has to attend the court summons she has received for the investigation of an alleged crime of influence peddling. The socialists have distributed a pamphlet in which accusations are made against PP leaders under the heading “Popular Party, the new real estate portal.” The old tactic of trying to hide the origin of the fire with smoke.