Dead Rising: Frank West’s zombie odyssey gets a revamp for current platforms

Approximately 18 years after its initial release, ‘Dead Rising‘ will receive a makeover (and it seems that something else) thanks to an unexpected revision which will be released later this year for “next-generation platforms,” as described in the preview of its official presentation. Dubbed as ‘Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster‘, in fact, the version is a “second remastering”, now intended for current generation systems. The original title came in 2006 for Xbox 360 and later in 2016, a version was released for PS4 and Xbox One, but did not apply significant changes.

New Times

For this new version Capcom promises a “completely new look,” something that can already be seen in the first materials distributed from the production, which gives a good example of a very updated graphic appearance both in environments and in the image of its iconic protagonist. That’s right, the same Frank West The photojournalist has a new look, but purists will notice another important change: he has a different voice. Until now, the original voice of the photojournalist has been the work of actor Terence J. Rotolo, but we will have to wait until his presentation to discover the identity of the new actor.

Dead Rising Deluxe RemasteredCapcom

This remastering of ‘Dead Rising’ is another Capcom’s attempt at reviving some of its classic franchisesas has happened with other important sagas, especially the renewal of ‘resident Evil‘, but in this case they are remakes, with productions made from scratch. Here, and despite carrying the name “Remaster”, what the trailer shows reveals a greater commitment than the application of some filters to improve its appearance. Even drastic changes are perceived in the modeling of the elements and characters, especially in the case of its protagonist. Frank West, a journalist trapped in a zombie-infested shopping center in the fictional city of Willamette, Colorado.

Dead Rising (The Saga)

As we anticipated, the original produced by Keiji Inafune has received several sequels, the first developed by Blue Castle Games, a studio absorbed and renamed Capcom Vancouver in 2010 after the completion of ‘Dead Rising 2‘. The same team was responsible for developing ‘Dead Rising 2: Off the Record‘ (2011), ‘Dead Rising 3‘ (2013) and ‘Dead Rising 4‘ (2016). The last installment of the series, in any case, confirmed a decline in the popularity of the brand that was reflected in the sales of the video game, and a couple of years later, the Japanese headquarters closed the studio and cancelled all its projects. By March 2024, the franchise had sold 16 million units.

“Frank West, a photojournalist on the hunt for the scoop of a lifetime, investigates a juicy lead and arrives in a small town only to discover that it is infested with zombies. Frank escapes to the town’s mall thinking it will be a safe haven, but nothing could be further from the truth. In a real fight to survive the constant invasion of enemies, but with complete control over the mall, he can use anything to fight off the flesh-hungry horde and find the truth behind this horrible epidemic,” says the synopsis published by Capcom. In any case, ‘Dead Rising Deluxe Remaster’ will arrive later this year, probably for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.