Preparations for the Renewable Gas Fair demonstrate the strength of the sector

The energy transition and the decarbonisation of our economy are Some of the great challenges we face as a societyThe need to invest in clean and renewable energy sources is imperative in order to meet European objectives and be more respectful of the planet.

That is precisely one of the missions of the Renewable Gas Fairwhich this year celebrates its 4th edition and has just closed its 2nd contracting period last month, with a total of already 145 exhibitors confirmed.

Is about 21% more compared to last year’s figures 2023In addition, some companies are on the waiting list to be able to enjoy a space where they can participate in this professional event of such importance for renewable energies.

Is about record figures months before its celebration and, therefore, it is a sign of the good health of the sector, especially in our country. “Spain has the potential to be the third country in Europe in biomethane generation. The successful participation in the Renewable Gas Fair shows that the sector is fully committed to the energy transition and sustainability and that Let us reach the position we deserve“, says Javier Díaz, president of the Spanish Biomass Association.

Germany will be the guest country

On this occasion, the hall will have as guest country Germanywhich will be present through two leading associations, the Fachverband Biogas eV and the Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft (DLG).

“The exchange of experiences and knowledge between Germany and Spain in the field of biogas and biomethane is fundamental to driving innovation and sustainability in our industries“We hope to learn from each other and move forward together towards a more efficient energy transition,” Díaz recently celebrated.