One in every 3 temporary rentals is made through a mobile device

From the initial search to the signing of contracts, technology is redefining the way we interact in the real estate market. Online platforms have gone from being simply a housing showcase to becoming Comprehensive tools that simplify and streamline the entire cycle, now we can complete the entire process with just a few clicks on the mobile device screen.

The digitization of processes and digital natives trigger the use of smartphones to rent homes and rooms

The electronic signature of contracts and documents has eliminated the need for lengthy bureaucratic procedures, speeding up the transaction closing process. In fact, according to Spotahome datathe online platform for medium and long-term rentals, Rental reservations through mobile devices already represent 29% of the total on its platform, the rest correspond to reservations through the web (71%). This trend is growing and in just the two months of 2024, Reservations through this device have increased by 30% compared to the same period in 2023.

Online consumer preferences continue to constantly evolve, and now an additional factor is introduced that could have a distinctive impact and accompanies this growing trend: digital natives. For them, technology is an intrinsic part of their daily life, and they not only use it for communication and entertainment, but also for educational, work, or housing search activities.

And the search for properties, previously limited to physical visits, can now be carried out entirely online, providing buyers or tenants with a more efficient experience focused on their real needs. Also, through videos and VR can be done Virtual tours through the homes comfortably, providing a more immersive perspective and facilitating decision making.

Technology plays a crucial role here, facilitating efficient property management and interaction with owners and tenants completely digitally, to streamline processes and avoid unnecessary travel. “At Spotahome, we digitize the entire rental process allowing any tenant to rent a property in more than 100 cities throughout Europe from their mobile phone, without having to visit the home. “In addition, we eliminate fraud and simplify documentation management, payment management and provide guarantees so that both parties can complete a rental in a 100% safe manner,” says Eduardo Garbayo, director of operations at Spotahome.

To find accommodation through the multi-country and multi-language Spotahome app, the user Set an arrival and departure date, fill in personal and payment information and request the reservation from the owner, until he accepts and completes the confirmation. The mobile becomes an indispensable tool that provides the flexibility and accessibility necessary to perform all these tasks quickly and without problems, allowing them to manage their accommodation with ease while staying connected in the constantly evolving digital world.