so you can get the most out of it

Technology is so advanced today that you can do anything in a few moments: book a hotel, catch a flight, make the purchase… And go anywhere thanks to Google Maps, a service that allows you to track the location you want. This application has been developed over time and implemented improvements, although users do not get the most out of it due to a mistake that we frequently make.

The Google maps application is an online service whose main objective is allow users to find places, get directions or explore maps.

Google Maps, which can be used on both computers and mobile devices, also allows some features such as receiving information about reviews of restaurants, stores or other establishments or places of interest, as well as exploring panoramic images of specific streets and locations in a view of 360 degrees, information to reach certain destinations (walking, cycling, driving or using public transportation) or the steps to follow to reach the desired address.

The hidden Google Maps feature that allows you to get the most out of the application

Thus, thanks to the maps offered by this platform, you can get to know places we have never been able to go to and where we can take a virtual walkto the. Google works every day to include improvements and new access points, as has been seen in recent updates such as radar locations, public transport line suspensions or roads closed for construction.

Most of the time we use Google Maps is to get from one place to another. But users may not use their full potential, as they may make a mistake. serious mistake when entering buildings, museums, airports, shopping centers or any public place, and that is not using the platform within those spaces.

One of the latest updates that Google Maps allows is, within this application, the Indoor Maps function, which offers Detailed plans of museums, train stations, shopping centers, universities and other places of interest. This feature offers multiple benefits, such as these maps allowing you to explore the layout of spaces within buildings, which is invaluable when you are in an unfamiliar location and want to find a specific room in a museum or the correct boarding gate. in a busy airport.