New application created with artificial intelligence allows us to find the black hole of the Milky Way

What does the Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to have no limit. Now with AI they created an application with which you can find the black hole of the Milky Way.

Different portals specialized in technology report that a designer named Matt Webb developed an application that indicates at all times the position of Sagittarius A, which is how the Sagittarius is known. black hole supermassive.

The Milky Way is a large spiral-shaped galaxy. The sun and its planets (including Earth) are located in this quiet part of the galaxy, halfway to its center. states that “This app, which at the moment is only available for iPhone through the App Store, it is called Galactic Compass, and with a green 3D arrow it indicates the position of the center of the Milky Way when placing our device on a surface”.