New iPads: the good, the bad and the ugly of Apple's news

More than two years had passed since the latest iPads were updated in their Pro and Air versions. And almost three if we go to the smallest brother of the family, the Mini. And now the time has come to analyze, on paper, what have they been doing in Cupertino in these 24 months.

Let's go for the positive first. The Air comes with a 13-inch version, not just the 11, with which it shares both screen sizes with its Pro brothers. These have a technology of Tandem OLED screen: read double OLED to improve resolution, brightness and details. Added to this is a nanotexture finish that reduces reflections to a minimum.

The storage size has doubled and the microchip The Pro has gone from the M2 to the M4, much faster and more efficient in terms of operation and energy management. Something important since, according to the specifications, the battery would have the same duration: 10 hours of navigation via Wifi, as the 6th and 5th generation models.We are, it must be noted, faced with the thinnest models in history and the lightest if we also think about power.

The prices are not that different In relation to previous versions, it does not represent an extra kidney in this sense. Now… is it worth it? If you were going to buy a previous generation iPad and you don't have any accessories, probably yes. If you are already a user and you have the 6th or 5th generation and you don't feel like it's pedal-powered, no.

The new models are not compatible with previous accessories, They do not have wireless charging or MagSafe and they have removed a camera from the back. In fact, they have the same ones as the aforementioned versions. In this way, if you want to get a new iPad with the accessories, you have about 500 euros more. Yes, they are faster, yes they are thinner and yes, for that price, you also get an Apple laptop or five more than worthy tablets. You choose…

Verdict: If it will be your first iPad and you need it to work and power is essential (read M4 chip) and money is no obstacle ahead. Otherwise, there are other options. Many.