The AEMET warns of the arrival of a powerful DANA that will cause heavy rains and intense hail in these areas

This Monday, a atlantic front will move through the Iberian Peninsulawhich will cause cloudy skies and rains, mainly in the northern half. Places like Galicia, Cantabrian, Alto Ebro, Northern Iberian System and the Pyrenees They must be ready for heavy rain. Precipitation is expected to be more soft and scattered in the Central System, the Northern Plateau and other areas of the northeast.

During the day, a increased cloudiness in much of the east of the Peninsula. Occasional storms may occur in the upper Ebro and in northern Iberia. Meanwhile, in the rest of the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, intervals of medium and high altitude clouds are expected. In Canary Islandsthe north is expected to have cloudy skies, while the rest of the islands should have fairly clear skies.

Regarding temperatures, there will be a notable decrease of the maximums in the western regions of the Peninsula, while the central-northern regions and the Alborán area will experience a increase in the maximums. A similar pattern is expected for minimum temperatures. In the regions of the lower Guadalquivir, lower Júcar and lower Ebro, temperatures are expected to exceed 30 degrees.

Aemet prediction for this week

Regarding the winds, the trades In the Canary Islands they will blow with strong intervals. On the Galician coasts, the southwest wind will change to the northwest. In the eastern Mediterranean area, the winds will be moderate and from east and south components, while in the Strait and Alborán, the I raised will change to the west. On the Ebro, the southeast wind will change to the northwest. In the other areas, the winds will start out being weak and variable, but will intensify and change to a westerly component during the day, with strong intervals in the Cantabrian Sea.

Tomorrow, this Atlantic front will continue its course through the Peninsulasignificantly affecting the regions located in the northeast quadrant with precipitation and storms notable. It is likely that an unstable environment will be generated in the northern half, characterized by a considerable amount of cloudiness and episodes of showers. Regarding temperatures, a significant decrease in much of the territory, except in the areas located in the extreme east and southeast, where a thermal rise.