Loki is seen for the first time in combat and shows his great potential in Marvel Rivals

'Marvel Rivals'is a game with 6v6 combats. The differential element of this free online shooting video game with the rest is that it uses characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Among the confirmed heroes we have top-level figures such as Spider-Man, Ironman, Hulk, Storm, Magneto Loki, Namor, Black Panther and Doctor Strange. Well then, NetEase has published the first preview with sequences collected from the video game.

A versatile fighter

Focused on the figure Lokithe character offers an image of versatile fighter that can avoid enemies. As we can see in the Loki trailer, 'Marvel Rivals' has a very similar style to Blizzard's 'Overwatch'. In the material we can check the actions that are developed under the map of Yggsgardfirst area confirmed for the title.

Marvel RivalsNetEase

Among Loki's abilities, we see the character use the scepter to launch basic attacks. Additionally, he can conjure a clone of himself and increase his firepower. Another interesting detail is his ability to dodge attacks, with his spirit in a green tone. Apparently, Loki will not be a melee character in 'Marvel Rivals', his abilities position him as a “strategist” on the battlefield. Finally, he seems to be equipped with a special attack that allows him to copy the appearance of the rest of the members of the squad.

The trailer doesn't make it clear if it will be possible to use the moves of others when he takes his form, but considering his abilities in the comics and movies, it probably will. During the coming weeks, the company should present new trailers for the game, since in addition to Loki, the video game boasts a vast cast of heroes and villains from the MCU.

Waiting for your first tests

Being a free title, the game will receive constant updates. Its success will depend on monetization. It remains to be seen if those responsible will find a balance between content and spending to convince players to invest some amount in consumables for the title and play frequently.

“Marvel Rivals is a PvP shooter based on superhero teams. Assemble a squad of Marvel stars, devise countless strategies by combining powers to form unique team abilities and fight on destructible and constantly changing battlefields throughout the ever-evolving Marvel universe” relates the synopsis of the video game, which, for now, is exclusive for PC. It is currently finalizing the details before beginning its first stage of “Beta” testing in May.