Daniel Sancho could have saved Edwin Arrieta's life

According to the first leaks of what was theoretically going to be the last day of the trial – today, surprisingly, a Thai chef declares –, Daniel could have saved Edwin's life. The defense's own forensic examiner, who arrived from Spain, assured the prosecutor that he “had not seen the body, except in photographs,” and that he “may or may not have died from Daniel's blows.” Besides, confirmed that Arrieta's life could have been savedat least in the first five minutes since he fell knocked out to the ground.

According to Juan Gonzalo Ospina, after a conversation with his Thai lawyer Metapon Suwancharen, he assured him that some questions from the private prosecution aimed at Daniel Sancho were not necessary since the prosecutor's work had been resounding. This comment, provided it were true, could sustain the charge of premeditated murder that could land Daniel on death row. What was clear is that Daniel Sancho still does not recognize his guilt: «I'm not guilty because I tried to protect myself», he said in his testimony. She claims that she met Edwin on Instagram and that his friend was her sponsor for her YouTube channel. She later admitted that after picking him up at the Koh Phangan pier, and arriving at the villa he had rented two days before, she Arrieta wanted to have sex with him. And if she objected, “he would kill his girlfriend.” Daniel then demanded that he leave the room and after refusing he hit the Colombian, and as a result of this, he fell with his neck against the edge of the sink. He says that the first few minutes Edwin was shaking until he stopped convulsing. Then he waited until the corpse was cold before dismembering it.

Juan Gonzalo Ospina, lawyer for the Arrieta familyJoaquin Campos

The prosecution maintains that Daniel Sancho has entered into several inconsistencies. Apparently, He first recognized that Edwin Arrieta had not made any transfer when, upon being shown the same, he ended up accepting the facts.. Another alleged lie by Daniel is when he admitted to the prosecutor that he did not know anything about the Panviman hotel, a hotel that Edwin paid for from Chile and where Daniel, at least, spent the first night.

Apparently there has been some tension between Daniel and the translators since after declaring something he then demanded to rectify it. Translating Sancho was the court translator as well as Alice, Rodolfo's fixer. He acknowledges in turn that he spoke with Darling Arrieta and that he dismembered her friend because he was “in a state of shock.”

Juango Ospina declares to this medium that “his statement did not surprise us at all. He still does not show remorse when he is not able to remove the label of his guilt, so the Arrieta family remains immersed in deep pain.. I think he has not explained with logic and plausibility the unknowns of the case, why I am looking for another hotel room if they already had one, in addition to the purchase of the knives and saw the next day. The sad thing is that it seems that he could have saved his life and he didn't. I wonder if all those who defend reckless homicide due to an apparent fight, if they were Edwin's parents or brothers, if they would continue defending him in the face of the evidence.

Daniel Sancho during the reenactment of the crime of Edwin Arrieta
Daniel Sancho during the reenactment of the crime of Edwin ArrietaAntenna 3

In another order of things, the protected witness who arrived from Colombia has not been authorized by the judge to testify. Apparently, Daniel began to cry at the magistrate's refusal.. This circumstance is added to the fact that more than half of Daniel's witnesses have not been able to do so either, including Carmen Balfagón and Ramón Chipirrás on this list. The first assured yesterday on TVE that she preferred to expedite the trial and not give a statement. She also did not clarify then why she traveled from Spain to Thailand.

What does seem clear now is that today the judge will close the taking of statements In addition, the process will be heard for sentencing, a ruling that could be read during this month of May.