Leatherback nests in Puerto Rico are protected by volunteer patrols

San Juan – Leatherback turtles, the largest migratory sea turtles on the planet and in danger of extinction, begin to lay their first eggs in Puerto Rico, where Volunteer patrols strive to protect the nests from storm surges and humans.

After making a migratory journey from the north of the Atlantic Ocean, The Esther leatherback, 1.5 meters long, was the first to arrive in San Juan to spawn on March 20to Ocean Park beach.

The turtle took around three hours to complete this process and, since then, it has nested three times, with an average of 80 eggs in each nest, around which the non-profit organization 7 Keels established a fence so that they are not damaged. By humans.

“When you enter The nesting turtle can lay between 100 to 110 eggs on average.among them are the fertilized and the unfertilized, which are what we call false,” Rosa Ceballos, nurse and patrol coordinator for 7 Fins Grupo Tortuguero San Juan.