iPhone users in 92 countries receive an alert from Apple for 'mercenary spyware attack'

An unknown number of users iPhone, in 92 countrieshave received an alert from Apple warning about a possible attack of 'mercenary spyware' on their terminals. The notification, issued this Wednesday, informs them that they are possibly being subject to an organized attack that seeks to compromise and spy on your phones. This alert differs from similar ones issued by Apple in the past in that does not use the expression 'state-backed', in relation to the origin of the attack. However, Apple's threat notifications web page indicates that such attacks 'have historically been associated with state actors'.

According to TechCrunch, Apple has not shared details about the identities of the alleged attackers. The company also has not said which countries users have been affected, but Reuters notes that India It is one of them.

'Apple has detected that you are being targeted by a mercenary spyware attack that attempts remotely compromise the iPhone associated with your Apple ID', says the notification. 'This attack is possibly directed specifically at you because of who you are or what you do. Although it is never possible to achieve absolute certainty in detecting such attacks, Apple has great confidence in this warning, please take her seriously'.

Once introduced to the victim's device, spyware can allow the attacker to listen to the victim's phone calls, read text messages and emails, and monitor device activity. Attackers can gain access to contacts, saved login credentials, GPS data, photos and videos. Some types of spyware even allow attackers control victim's device remotelyturning on a camera or microphone without the user knowing.

In updating one of its cybersecurity web pages on Wednesday, Apple warns that such attacks are often 'exceptionally well funded'and are used to monitor or intimidate to journalists, activists, politicians and diplomats, among other figures with the capacity to influence. Apple also clarifies that it is intentionally vague in its spyware warnings, because detailing suspicious origins or attack methods can help attackers adapt their behavior to avoid future detections.

According to Apple, iPhone users who receive spyware notifications should enable the isolation mode of your phone, a protection mechanism that increases your security but limits the operation of applications, websites and features to avoid security holes that an attacker could use.