“Iran has not confronted Israel directly, but through its related forces”

Does Iran have more to gain or lose from an attack on Israel?

Iran has been very careful not to engage directly with Israel. It has relied on like-minded forces to attack Israel, such as Hezbollah, Hamas and the Houthis. Israel has also avoided direct confrontation. Both sides see a lot to lose.

Has Biden lost the ability to pressure Netanyahu?

Biden still has substantial influence, but he has not yet used it.

How do you think this war can end: with an agreement with Hamas or with a defeat of Hamas?

Most wars of the 21st century end in some kind of stalemate. Outright victory (or defeat) is very rare. Israel has had six months to subdue Hamas. It has failed, with catastrophic consequences for the people of Gaza. It is unlikely that a formal agreement will be reached between Israel and Hamas, but there could be a tacit agreement that brings an outside actor, such as the Palestinian Authority or the UN, to Gaza.

What plans does the Netanyahu government have for the Gaza Strip when the war ends?

The United States has been pressuring Israel to accept some form of internationally supervised Palestinian Authority control in Gaza. Netanyahu has refused to tolerate any resumption of PA authority in Gaza and appears determined to downgrade PA authority in the West Bank as well. This leaves very few options other than the resumption of direct Israeli control.