These are the video games that arrive and those that leave Xbox Game Pass in April 2024

Microsoft has confirmed the titles that make up the first round of video games that will be added to Xbox Game Pass during the month of April. 'kona', 'LEGO 2K Drive', 'Lil Gator Game' and 'Shadow of the Tomb Raider', – which is Lara Croft's last adventure – are among those that arrive, but as in any rotating catalog there are also some that leave the service, for example 'Amnesia: Collection', 'Amnesia: Rebirth' and 'Phatom Abyss'.

The first game that premieres in the month of April is 'Superhot: Mind Control Delete', which is now available via PC console and cloud. Another notable title on its way to Game Pass is 'EA Sports PGA Tour', which arrives through EA Play. The golf simulator developed by Electronic Arts will be available to subscribers of the PC and Ultimate versions of the service, with the promise of offering a very complete experience to anyone who is a follower of this sport.

EA Sports PGA TourElectronic Arts

'Superhot: Mind Control Delete' – available: console, PC and cloud

'LEGO 2K Drive' – April 3: console and cloud

'Lil Gator Game' – April 4: console, PC and cloud

'EA Sports PGA Tour' (EA Play) – April 4: Xbox Series X|S, PC and cloud

'kona' – April 9: console and cloud

'Botany Manor' – April 9: Xbox Series X|S, PC and cloud

'Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition' – April 11: console, PC and cloud

'Harold Halibut' – April 16: Xbox Series X|S, PC and cloud

This latest release, 'Harold Halibut' is another of the highlights of the battery of titles offered by Microsoft, a game that debuts directly in the catalog of the service, which has been created entirely by hand using stop motion animation techniques, to tell a story about friendship and life on a city-sized spaceship submerged in an alien ocean.

Those who abandon

As usual, the arrival of new video games to the subscription model marks the withdrawal of others. In the middle of the month players of titles like 'Amnesia: Collection', 'Amnesia: Rebirth', 'Phatom Abyss', 'soma', 'Research and Destroy' and 'Back 4 Blood', they will no longer be able to use them in two weeks. As is traditionally the case, progress is saved, but players can no longer access the game in this format.