Instagram will bring story cross-posting to WhatsApp

The last news we had known about functions in testing instagram It wasn't one of the best. The platform is testing required viewing ads that the user cannot skip until a countdown of between 3 and 5 seconds. Now another more interesting one has been known and that is an expansion of cross-posting between Meta platforms.

Until now, a user could publish the Stories from Instagram also on Facebook Mark Zuckerberg's longest-running social network will soon be joined by the most popular messaging application in the world, WhatsApp.

As revealed by application researcher Alessandro Paluzzi in X, the function could soon arrive on Instagram and with it The option to publish Instagram stories on WhatsApp will be shown next to the button to do so on Facebook, in the menu bar within the application. Meta also allows you post your Instagram images to Threadsthe microblogging network that Meta launched last summer to compete with X.

With the addition of WhatsApp's 450 million daily active users, Instagram users will be able to significantly expand the potential reach of their audience. According to Paluzzi, Instagram stories will be shown in WhatsApp statuseswhich is a similar format, also temporary posts that disappear after 24 hours.

Could There may be some compatibility issues between formats. and several elements do not translate directly between the two applications. For example, the interactive stickers They may not work on WhatsApp like they do on Instagram. However, the option to reach a wider audience will be welcomed by Instagram users, especially those who use it for business purposes.

The ability to post Instagram Stories on WhatsApp is a feature in development and has not yet been implemented. There's no exact date on when this feature might be available to Instagram users, but it could happen. anytime this year.