How to obtain the PIN Code from the Tax Agency for the 2023-2024 Income Tax Return

This Wednesday, April 3, the 2023-2024 Income Tax Declaration campaign begins. Some mandatory documents for workers in Spain, which depending on how their fiscal year was in 2023, they must fill out in different ways, always within dates established by the Treasury. To prepare the personal income tax document, employers must have essential documentation on hand, as well as have a PIN code, an important system for the process.

The IRPF document is mandatory for workers in Spain, as it is a fundamental process in tax collection and financial administration of the countryas it allows tax authorities to collect information about taxpayers' income and assets and calculate taxes owed or corresponding refunds.

Likewise, to complete the Income Tax Return, taxpayers need Documents that support your income, deductions, and other financial transactions, such as employer forms, bank statements, receipts for deductible expenses, investment records, among others. Once the income tax return is completed, the amount of tax the taxpayer must pay or the refund to which he or she is entitled is calculated.

Those who have obtained throughout the fiscal year must present it income for income exceeding 22,000 euros, as well as if they have had two or more payers and have income of 14,000 euros or more. To submit it online, it can be from April 3 to July 1, to do it by phone, from May 7 to this date, and in person, from June 3 to July 1.

PIN Code: what it is, how to request it and why it is important for the Income Tax Return

For all these procedures, the PIN code is required. Its ease of use is that you will not need to remember any password, since the PIN that will be asked to verify your identity is always the same.

It is a system designed for users who occasionally access public administration services. To obtain it, you have to Register in the Cl@ve system of the Tax Agency. To do this, you must enter the Tax Agency website and click on the “Electronic identification” option that appears below, in the “Access directly” section.

Once inside, in the left column choose the Cl@ve option. On the page where you go, within the Featured Procedures box, you have two options to register in Cl@ve, which are the normal one or one with a certificate or electronic DNI. Depending on which one you choose, the procedure is different.

Per se, This is an unequivocal identification method used for very sensitive operations of the Public Administration. The simplest method is to register with a certificate or electronic DNI. All you have to do is log in with the certificate or eID when prompted.

Finally, we must remember that the PIN Code application must be installed on the mobile. In it you can carry out the registration procedures in the Cl@ve system, and also use the data that you have received to identify yourself in it.