The Madrid Bar Association will sue for the leak in the case of Ayuso's boyfriend

The Illustrious Bar Association of Madrid (ICAM) will present a complaint for the statement from the Prosecutor's Office in which the negotiation between the lawyer of Isabel Díaz Ayuso's partner and the prosecutor of the case for a possible conformity agreement that ultimately did not materialize. At the time, the collegiate body criticized the violation of the professional secrecy that safeguards defense lawyers, but now it considers that a crime of disclosure of secret has occurred.

On March 20, the Dean Eugenio Ribón complied with what was agreed by the ICAM Governing Board, which had proposed filing a double complaint in this case. That day he filed a complaint before the Investigative Court against the Public Prosecutor's Office for the official press release issued by the Provincial Prosecutor's Office of Madrid. It detailed specific data from communications from the lawyer of Alberto González, boyfriend of the president of the Community of Madrid, within the framework of a compliance processin which the accused admits having committed one or more crimes in exchange for a reduction of sentence to avoid going to prison.

Currently, the chief judge of the Court of Instruction number 19 of Madrid, Inmaculada Iglesias, is investigating González Amador for alleged crimes of tax fraud and falsification of commercial documents which the Public Ministry denounced based on a Tax Agency report. The document noted signs of irregularities in the payment of corporate tax and the presentation of false invoices.

After being critical of this unpublished revelation by the Prosecutor's Officenow ICAM has announced that it will appear as partfiling a complaint in the coming days “against the unknown perpetrator of the events” and without prejudice to the fact that the complaint may fall under the jurisdiction of higher authorities, in the event that the alleged perpetrators are certified.

The events that occurred on March 14, in the opinion of the ICAM, “indiciatively offer constitutive characteristics of a crime of revealing secrets provided for in article 417.2 CP, which sanctions the violation by an authority or public official – in the case at hand, of the representative of the Public Prosecutor's Office-, of the duty of secrecy and discretion imposed by the Organic Statute of the Public Prosecutor's Office.”

Regarding the authorship of the alleged crime, the ICAM already stated in its complaint that “the Public Prosecutor's Office 'exercises its functions through its own bodies' (art. 124.2 CE and 2.1 EOMF).” And that since the press release came out of the Provincial Prosecutor's Office of Madrid, “there will have to be a subjective investigation of its mediate or immediate authorship”.