New scam on WhatsApp: 'Hello, my name is Rosa Caro Serrano and I want to talk to you'

A new scam has begun to circulate in recent days WhatsApp. This is a variant of the likes scam that in this case is presented under the name of a supposed professional who speaks on behalf of Warner Bros. Discoveryalthough it is possible that they also use other companies, with the following message: 'Hello, my name is Rosa Caro Serrano and if you have time I would like to talk with you a few minutes'.

This introduction may sound half serious, but the first warning sign lies in the phone number prefix. In the case of this editor, he received the message from Indonesia. But curiously, when there was no response, the alleged Rosa Caro Serrano wrote the same message again 3 hours later from another number, this time with a different profile name than the one used in the message, Ayana, and from the United States. The average flight time between Indonesia and New York is almost 19 hours for something more 15,000 kilometers.

They are not the only places from which Rosa Caro Serrano calls, promising easy money to whoever wants to listen to her. In recent days, according to various testimonies in Tajikistan, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan or Nigeriaamong other countries and with the same ability to teleport between locations.

Initial message of the scam.Alfredo Biurrun.

Asked about their proposal, the scammers explain that their company works 'with merchants of Youtubeand YouTube marketers are willing to pay to increase subscriptions and popularity of the bloggersso our company needs to recruit a large number of cooperative employees'. Because you are a cooperative employee, they offer you 3 euros for each like and be able to earn between 50 and 400 euros daily. In the high band, it means giving 133 likes per day to videos you don't even have to watch, just click the Like button.

Catching the scam.
Catching the scam.Alfredo Biurrun.

To the question of which company she represents, the alleged Rosa Caro Serrano assures that it is 'the streaming division of Warner Bros. Discovery'; that is, the platform Max. Provides a link to the corporate website and also the address in California. Next comes the first order. Give it a like to a video of torrijas from the RTVE Cocina channel and take an image capture to confirm it.

With the capture delivered, you are sent to a Telegram account whose username is Lara Croft -yes, the Tomb Raider one- to which you have to give a code provided by the first account.

Continuation of the scam on Telegram.
Continuation of the scam on Telegram. Alfredo Biurrun.

After 'verifying' the code, Lara Croft asks you join a temporary work Telegram channel and send him a screenshot that shows that you have done them. Then it guarantees you a salary of '6+15 euros' if you provide information such as age, sex, profession and the IBAN and name of your bankpoint at which the journalistic investigation ended.

Regarding the alleged Rosa Caro Serrano, the question of how they had gotten my phone number was enough to end the conversation. The experience is another reminder that no one gives a penny and that the main protection against cybercrime is common sense.