Goodbye to WhatsApp as we know it: these are the changes that the application will register starting in April

WhatsApp is Meta's star application. This messaging platform has multiple users all over the planet, and although it tends to register several drops worldwide, like Mark Zuckerberg's other applications (Instagram and Facebook), it continues to be widely used. But like other platforms, it usually presents updates and changes. So it is so that The app will change forever on many mobile phones and smartphones, which will make us say goodbye to it “as we know it.”

The WhatsApp instant messaging application allows users Send and receive text messages, images, videos, documents, locations and other types of content. It is suitable for both mobile phones and other devices, such as tablets, computers or smartwatches.

Likewise, the application allows other functions. For example, it offers the option to make voice and video calls, allowing users to communicate more immediately and personally with their contacts. In itself, it has become one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, with billions of users around the world who use it to communicate quickly and easily with anyone.

Changes in WhatsApp: these are the new updates that the Meta application will present

But this will no longer be the case. From the instant messaging application page you can read that they are updating the terms of service and privacy policies to cover the regulations required by the new Digital Services Law and the Digital Markets Law. Be starting April 11 when their terms of services permanently change.

One of the most substantial changes is that Users will be able to read and send messages to other platforms, such as Telegram or Signalwithout them having an account in the Meta application.

On the other hand, other changes that the application will present are: the minimum age in Europe is changed, from 16 to 13 years; personal messages and calls will remain end-to-end encrypted; Not even WhatsApp will be able to read or listen to them; information about the channels will be updated: how to report content, appeal decisions and how they are recommended; or more details will be included about the new EU requirements for sending or receiving messages on WhatsApp from supported third-party apps.

Other news is that Updating the statuses will allow you to see them without notifying the other person. It will show a rectangular preview of the temporary posts, at the top of “News”.

Also Four new text formatting options are added so people can write and organize their messagesand WhatsApp will allow users have more control over who can use your avatars as stickers.