End of the mystery: they filter who really paid Dani Alves' bail

Dani Alves was released from prison after paying bail of one million euros and handing over his two passports. The Brazilian had to stay at Brians 2 for the weekend. The reason was his inability to get the money after Neymar's father who already helped him with compensation to the victim refused to help him on this occasion.

Neymar's father's refusal

Through his Instagram account, the father of his Barça teammate has asked to avoid speculation and associating both his name and that of his son with this matter that no longer “applies to them.” “As everyone knows, at the beginning I helped Dani Alves, without any connection with any lawsuit. In this second moment, in a situation different from the previous one, in which the Spanish courts have already ruled in favor of the conviction, There is speculation and an attempt is made to associate my name and that of my son with a matter that no longer concerns us today. I hope that Daniel finds with his own family all the answers he seeks. For us, for my family, the matter is over.”

From now on. How the Brazilian would have managed to pay bail was the most debated issue yesterday. Dani Alves has his accounts blocked due to a lawsuit he has with his ex-wife Dinorah Santana, so it is speculated that he could have posted his house valued at five million euros as collateral or used it to obtain a bank guarantee. .

Then, Brazilian media assure that the amount necessary to obtain his freedom would have been covered by Memphis Depay, with whom he coincided in his second stage at FC Barcelona. However, the Atlético de Madrid player's lawyer denied them.

End of the mystery

Now, finally, The mystery seems to have been solved and from the program “Fiesta” they have exclusively revealed who is behind the controversial payment.

According to the collaborator of 'Fiesta', Marisa Martín Blázquez, it was an important Brazilian magazine that paid the footballer's bail: “The magazine, known in Brazil, does great reports on important people in Brazil, but also internationally” and he would have done it “in exchange for a report that would already be being done.”

Marisa also says that, since it was an international transfer, the payment was delayed for several days, which caused the player to stay in prison longer than desired. Likewise, she revealed that there is “a series of requirements that must be met. “An interview would be being done as a video report on Alves's story and, in addition, Alves would have asked Joana Sanz to participate in this report.”

In this way Joana, who could have broken up with Dani Alves and started a romance with someone else would also be involved in the project and the payment of the deposit has been only an advance of the total amount that the Brazilian media will pay for the exclusive.