French elections 2024, second round live today: voting, counting and results

France is holding a second round of a crucial election that could either deliver a historic victory to Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally or lead to a blank parliament and years of political stagnation. At 12:00 pm, the turnout for the second round was 26.63%, the highest figure for 43 years. The first round already marked a milestone in participation with 25.9%, well above previous French legislative elections.

The EU institutions hold their breath in the face of the possible victory anticipated by the polls in the French legislative elections. According to polls published just before the day of reflection this Saturday, National Regrouping would obtain between 170 and 230 deputies, which would mean a relative majority far from the 289 seats needed to control the French National Assembly. The New Popular Front (NFP), which brings together the main left-wing parties, would win from 159 to 191, while the Macronist bloc would get 118-150 and even further behind would be the conservative Republicans (LR), with between 35 and 67 seats.