Five alternatives to Sora

Probably because it was developed by OpenAI, the company responsible for the now famous ChatGPT, Sora is the most well-known and recognized artificial intelligence application for creating videos from text, the famous prompts. But the reality is that it is not the only one. In fact, considering that no one has tried it so far (except those who developed it), there may be better ones. These are five alternatives to Sora that can already be used.

Why look for alternatives? There are several reasons. The first of them is obvious: Sora is not yet available and, although we will focus on her later, it is good to start practicing and see where other references stand out. It is also important to evaluate the price and the use that we are going to give it: some work better with landscapes, others stand out for how they capture animals or their aesthetics. And, obviously, it is essential if they stay up to date with technology, if they upload regular updates.

Vidnami: easy to use, intuitive and with a large number of positive reviews. It has an effective AI (not the most advanced, mind you) and an extensive media library and options to customize content. There is the possibility of downloading a trial option for free.

Biteable: includes an artificial intelligence assistant. We give it a name for the video, then the prompt, we select the images or text we want to be overprinted and it does it all. It is more focused on companies.

Pika: stands out for its simplicity and also for its quality. The website works very well, which avoids having to use other platforms or systems, such as a Discord server. It's free, at least for the first 10 videos.

Pixverse: probably the most similar to the examples that have been seen of Sora, always keeping in mind that these examples have been developed by their own designers and we do not know how long it has taken them to create them. It is completely free and has a great advantage: if we use their server, on Discord, it allows us select between four possible videosfor each prompt, something that we sometimes see on some pages that allow you to create photos from text, but it is not common in videos.

Runway Gen-2: one of the advantages of this program is that, although it maintains a similar quality to Sora, it allows upload your own video to serve as a guide of what we want to achieve. It works much better with landscapes than with human faces. Especially if we want them to be in the foreground.