Buckingham Palace is looking for staff to work: these are the positions

Serve in Buckingham Palace It shouldn't be an easy task. Of Isabel II He knew that rigid character that made his hieratic face change when something upset him. That something could be sitting down before she had taken her seat, involuntarily touching her hand, or not tilting her head properly. But she had her faithful lady-in-waiting, who came to the rescue just by changing hands with her purse, as a warning sign. The current circumstances mean that any time spent in the British Royal House has been covered by a mantle of successive layers until not even the shadow of that King Charles who, angered by the ink spilled by his pen during the Coronation ceremonies, shouted at his personal “I can't stand this damn thing!” Today the image of him is that of a close, warm king, and judging by the Palace's website, in need of a particularly competent staff of employees.

There is no question of whether the candidates will have that newly released warmth of the monarch. This London construction has more than 700 rooms, about 800 windows and a kitchen that annually serves the 50,000 guests who attend its banquets, lunches, dinners and receptions each year. There are always vacancies on their page dedicated to job offers. In the midst of the Institution's crisis, the position of Communication Assistant draws powerful attention. According to the published advertisement, the candidate must have legal permission to work in the United Kingdom, an interest in media relations, a passion for current affairs, an eye for detail and a basic working knowledge of Excel. The salary, less than 30,000 euros, has left those who see the urgency of having a professional team to counteract the mistakes made in recent months mute.

The figure is completed with a “complimentary lunch on site to keep you energized throughout the day”, a pension plan and life insurance. It is also offering a 20 percent discount at the Royal Collection Shop, where you can get everything from a tiara copy to tea sets.

These are benefits that apply to the rest of the positions to be filled. For example, chefs of different categories for the daily supervision, preparation and service of food. In addition to other requirements, experience in five-star or first-level catering operations is required, mastery of all areas of cooking, from pantry to sauces and pastries, a positive attitude and appreciation and familiarity with French cuisine. The salary does not reach 27,300 euros per year.

For the Royal Collection Trust, the Royal Household requires warehouse staff, based in Windsor, to help manage an inventory of more than three million items per year. And also a furniture restorer in the Marlborough House workshops.