Facial yoga and coconut oil

Yoga facial with coconut oil

Massaging different points on the face with coconut oil helps improve blood circulation, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, eliminates toxins and gives us a younger appearance. Lymphatic drainage, also called facial yoga, helps collagen production by mobilizing the 50 muscles of our face, and promoting the penetration of the active ingredients of coconut oil into the skin. This technique is recommended three times a week, and for its correct practice we can choose from hundreds of tutorials on the Internet.

Welcome to waterless cosmetics!

With expectations of lower regular water volumes as a result of climate change, conscious consumers now have a sustainable option for cosmetics. If “aqua” or “water” appears in the ingredients list in the first few lines, it means that the product has a high water volume. Waterless cosmetics were born in South Korea, where cosmetics are produced with a high percentage of natural and organic ingredients from vegetable oils and butters.

The mistake of making a weekly purchase.

With the arrival of summer, food is more at risk of going overboard, which is why it is essential to monitor expiration dates. Buying once a week is a mistake, especially with fruits and vegetables, which we should buy twice a week. Likewise, it is advisable to write the “shopping list” and visit the store with a full stomach to avoid those products that “come in through the eyes.” Finally, extreme caution must be exercised with offers and discounts on products with immediate expiration.