Experts set a date for the first heat wave of the year

This June 20 we welcome summer with a Fresh environment more typical of mid-May than the final stretch of June and eight communities on alert for storms or rain. With the entry of solsticewe will give way to high pressures and a notable episode of heat will begin over the weekend that will last for the remainder of June.

The peninsula and the Balearic Islands will continue this Thursday under the influence of a DANA which will leave cloudy or overcast skies in the northern half of the peninsula and the archipelago, with precipitation accompanied by storms from the early hours in some areas. Precipitation could be locally strong or very strong, accompanied by storms and the possibility of large hail, and very strong convective gusts, especially in the north of Aragon.. There may also be precipitation in the rest of the northern half. In the Balearic Islands they will tend to subside in the afternoon.

Eight communities on alert

The prediction of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) indicates that eight communities -both Castiles, Catalonia, Madrid, Navarra, La Rioja, Valencian Community and Aragon– They continue this Thursday on alert for rain or storms, with special incidence in parts of the Aragonese Pyrenees, where there are orange warning for accumulations of up to 30 liters in one hour.

Aragon There is an orange warning for rain throughout the community that will leave up to 30 liters in one hour, and for storms accompanied by large hail and very strong gusts of wind. The most affected areas include the Pyrenees, central and southern Huesca, and Cinco Villas in Zaragoza. In Castile and León There is a yellow warning for rain in the provinces of Ávila, Burgos, Palencia, Segovia, Soria and Valladolid, where between 15 and 20 liters are expected in one hour and storms that could be accompanied by hail. In Castilla la ManchaOnly Guadalajara has a yellow alert for rain and storms in the mountains and Alcarria.

The Madrid's community It is on yellow alert in the mountains, the metropolitan area and Henares, with storms, especially in the morning, that could include hail and rain of 15 to 20 liters per square meter in one hour. In the Mediterranean region, all of Catalonia and the province of Castellón in the Valencian Community They remain on yellow alert due to rains that could accumulate 20 liters per square meter in one hour and storms with hail. In the northern half of the peninsula, Navarre and The Rioja They are also under a yellow alert for rain of up to 20 liters per square meter in one hour and storms with hail.

Temperatures will rise in the southwest of the peninsula and will tend to fall in the eastern half and the Balearic Islands, notably in the interior of the northeast. It will be hotter in Murcia (32 degrees); Alicante, Málaga and Valencia (30), and Córdoba (29), and it will cool especially in Soria (17), Ávila and Burgos (18), and Palencia and Segovia (19).

First heat wave in sight?

He Friday will be imposed anticyclonic weather and it will be a sunny day in most of the country. Temperatures will increase across the board, with a notable increase in the center and south of the Peninsula. In the interior of Andalusia, the maximums will rise between 5 and 6 degrees compared to Thursday, reaching 33 ºC in the Guadalquivir valley, reports José Manuel Viñas, in his forecast in Meteored.

Temperatures will continue to rise during the weekend. The heat will spread throughout much of the interior of the Peninsula, especially in the south. He Saturdaythe maximum temperatures will exceed 35 ºC in the interior of Andalusia, and the Sunday could reach the 40ºC in some areas. It will be a “very hot” weekend in large areas of the country, particularly in the south-central part of the Peninsula.

The next week We will experience a notable episode of heat that could culminate in the first heat wave of the year, indicates Viñas. Between Monday and Wednesday, temperatures “will continue to be very high,” but a rebound is expected starting Thursday, “extreme heat spreading across many areas of the country.” The maximum temperatures will range between 35 and 40 ºC, exceeding these values ​​in the south of the Peninsula.

The expert points out that it is likely that 40 ºC will be reached in Madrid on Thursday the 27th or Friday the 28th. In Zaragoza, 40 ºC could be reached on Wednesday the 26th or Thursday the 27th. “In cities like Córdoba or Seville, it is very likely that during this heat episode we will experience more than seven days in a row with maximum temperatures that could reach or exceed 40ºC, even reaching 42-43ºC.“warns Viñas. In addition, the intense heat that will affect many areas of the country will also be felt at night, with minimum temperatures that in many places will not drop below 20 ºC or even 25 ºC.