Echenique’s attack on De la Fuente has outraged many: “Get your paws out of Spain!”

The Spanish football team beat Germany (2-1) achieving something that had never been achieved before in its history: defeating the host in a major tournament. A pass to the semi-finals, where France awaits us, who has a proper name: Mikel Merino. The Navarro from Real Sociedad sent an aerial ball into the net in the 119th minute unleashing euphoria among Spanish fans.

However, despite the Roja’s historic achievement, the former Podemos MP did not hesitate to belittle the victory and, in the process, take a dig at De la Fuente. The reason? To have removed Nico Williams and Lamine Yamal from the fields, whom he had used hours earlier for his political interests.

“The fact that Lamine and Nico are two of the best players in the Spanish national team is something very important, which brings us closer to a more just, more diverse, more empathetic and more beautiful society. That’s why it bothers the fascists so much,” He wrote hours before the match, perhaps hoping to be able to use them again hours later if they scored one of Spain’s winning goals, but that was not the case.

And perhaps for that reason, as soon as the match was over, the former deputy of the purple team was quick to attribute the victory not to the merits of the Roja but to the tiredness of the Germans and to give the coach a hard time.

The fatigue of the Germans

“It’s a good thing the Germans were tired, they left a gap and Merino was able to score, because De la Fuente’s mistake of taking off Lamine Yamal and Nico Williams to make us defend the result was a self-boycott of the first magnitude”wrote Echenique, causing great indignation among users.

“Get your paws out of Spain. If those two aren’t the ones scoring the goals, they’ll screw up the tweet you’ve been writing all afternoon,” “Merino is also right-wing for marking. Go to Argentina, Milei is waiting for you with open arms”, “He hates the players of the national team who are not Lamine or Nico and Then he wants to sell you some kind of equality. The worst racists are the Pablos Echeniques”, “It bothers you that a great Spaniard gives us the pass to the semis” or “If there weren’t two black kids playing, you’d be there, shouting shit against football, millionaires and the opportunities denied to the most disadvantaged,” are some of the indignant messages that flooded “X”.