Comet “Devil” is now visible in the night sky throughout the northern hemisphere

Comet “12P/Pons-Brooks”, popularly known as the “devil” for the appearance of the horns it has, is now visible in the night skies in the northern hemisphere of the Earth.

The comet, according to data collected by NASA, It is very popular among professional and amateur astronomers for its spectacular gas and dust explosions, and has an orbital period of about 71 years and a core approximately 30 kilometers wide..

The “devil” had already been observed previously during space missions through the inner Solar System, which had allowed astronomers to study its behavior and characteristics until verifying that, like other comets with a very similar appearance and behavior, it is composed of ice, dust and rocky material, and that when it approaches the Sun the heat causes the comet's ice to go from a solid state to a gaseous state.